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July 7, 2021 | By Doc Palmer

Everyone on the maintenance team has a mission. The craftsperson has a mission to complete work orders. The planner has a mission to complete job plans.

Missions are not simply to keep busy or be working on something. Also, the planning mission is not to complete “perfect” job plans, which is an impossible task.

Instead, a planner can use the Deming Cycle to make “better” plans over the years, especially with craft feedback, but also to add other helpful information when there is time.

By not becoming bogged down trying to make a few “perfect” plans, the majority of jobs in the field can have the benefit of a head start plan that is growing in helpfulness.

In addition, planning must support the scheduling process that needs plans with estimates of craft skill and hours. A further aspect of not trying to be perfect is that planners can plan some of the “reactive” work without telling supervisors to wait. Too many plants simply bypass planning altogether for reactive work. This is a mistake. Planners must be completing job plans.

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