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We'd like to suggest that you don't plan to pass along this issue to others in your workplace too quickly, because it's packed with information and tips that likely can help you in your job. In fact, it may take a little longer than usual to get t...

April 1, 2004 | By Bill Roebuck, Editor/Associate Publisher

We’d like to suggest that you don’t plan to pass along this issue to others in your workplace too quickly, because it’s packed with information and tips that likely can help you in your job. In fact, it may take a little longer than usual to get through our current issue. But once you’re done, please share it (we know that, on average, there are 2.5 pass-along readers per copy).

If you’re looking for a quick fix to a problem, turn right away to our Product News sections, where you’ll find more than 50 practical solutions, most with descriptive photos. Among them, you’ll specifically see what’s new to solve problems with belt drives and chain drives.

For more detail on drive solutions, look to our Drive Time feature section that was introduced by our dramatic cover photograph. You’ll find three full-length features on chain drives and belt drives.

Interested in belts of a different nature? See the advice on page 32 of one conveyor belt expert on how to solve various conveyor system troubles. On a lighter note, learn how to avoid getting a belt in the face by reading up on how to give advice to colleagues. Being tactful is a key phrase in the Supervisory Suggestions column on page 38.


Next, we highly recommend reading this issue’s case histories — hockey equipment maker Sport Maska’s profile on page 25 tells why maintenance is essential to keep production from being outsourced offshore. There’s also a report on how an auto parts maker saved big bucks and greatly reduced downtime by spending a little more on just one key power transmission component (page 35).

Learn how to deal with the impact of Bill C-45 on plant engineering and maintenance personnel — it’s not to be missed because of its serious legal implications for employers and employees. And if you’re looking for improvements in maintenance operations, check out the advice provided in our column on page 41 about applying Lean techniques to maintenance.

Further, we have lots to report on the power transmission industry in this issue, with an economic outlook for the PT industry (page 39) and an insightful profile of the Power Transmission Distributors Association’s current president, Don Latham of Canadian Bearings (page 37). There’s more, including an update in Industry News on the Bearing Specialists Association.

As well, look for the accompanying issue of our supplement, Canadian Electrical Equipment News, where you’ll find more news, feature articles and products of interest to those with an electrical focus in their work.

Next issue, we’ll have a major report on how to manage a work order system using computerized maintenance management software, with several practical tips to keep it under control. You’ll also learn from the experiences of others in our case histories. We’ll also feature technical articles and new product reports on the topics of bearings and linear motion. A highlight of our June issue will be a Made in Canada report, where we discuss great MRO products built within our borders.

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Note any necessary corrections to the label before you send the card in (either by fax to 416-442-2214 or mail). Doing so will ensure that you continue to receive the magazine for another year, and will help prove to our auditors, who quality-check our circulation statements twice a year, that you want to continue receiving this publication.


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