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Motor line is available in large-frame metric sizesAs a result of the Italian company the Lafert Group's purchase of AEG of Spain, Lafert North America now stocks AEG design large-frame IEC metric Laf...

November 1, 2001 | By MRO Magazine

Motor line is available in large-frame metric sizes

As a result of the Italian company the Lafert Group’s purchase of AEG of Spain, Lafert North America now stocks AEG design large-frame IEC metric Lafert motors up to IEC 315 frame. These motors are CSA- and UL-approved, and also comply with the UL efficiency ratings for North America.

Lafert North America
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Infra-red camera can store hundreds of images


Hyatt Industries has introduced the IR SnapShot Model 525 infra-red imaging camera featuring fully temperature-calibrated infra-red images in colour, on a 4-in. LCD display. Weighing in at just 4 1/2 lb, the camera uses long-wavelength infra-red radiation, which minimizes sun glints and reflection interference. The menu includes hot spot mode, emissivity, temperature units, background temperature, colour palette, and auto and fixed ranges. Analysis of the hundreds of storable images and report generation software for Microsoft WIN95/98/NT are included.

Hyatt Industries
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Digital multimeter takes on tough jobs

The ruggedly constructed Fluke 170 Series of digital multimeters, comprising models 175, 177 and 179, stand up to harsh work environments. Features include voltage ranges to 1,000 V, true RMS AC voltage and current measurement for accurate readings on all waveforms, and frequency, capacitance and resistance capabilities. Model 179 measures temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees, and a thermocouple is included.

Baker/ITM Instruments
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Hybrid cable’s reduced diameter helps save space

At cablemaker Elocab, custom cable can be made in quantities as small as 100 m (300 ft), and a cable can be designed, manufactured and delivered in three to six weeks. Examples of custom cables are high-flex for robotic/automated applications, high-shielding and other hybrid cables. Integrating many individual components into one round cable, hybrid designs take up less space in cramped machine housings or tight cable tracks, allow for fast installation and offer good long-term service performance. Special fillers transform uneven components into an evenly balanced, round cable. Low-friction sliding wrapping tapes are used within many hybrid cables to prevent snagging of the different components. Applications include robotics processes, high-speed assembly lines, machine tool systems, automation equipment and material handling systems.

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LED panel/switch lamps work well in industrial installations

LEDtronics’ telephone-slide-based LED lamps are designed to replace incandescent telephone-slide-based lamps in miniature utility switches, industrial control panels and other applications that demand durable and energy-efficient light sources. Due to their solid-state construction, these lamps are suitable for industrial installations that are subjected to vibration, shock and environmental stress. Applications include indicators for process controls and panel mount indicator lamps. These cool-to-the-touch lamps are plug-compatible with illuminated switches and indicators from major manufacturers.

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Parts washer packs cleaning power into small package

The industrial series of automatic parts washers from Inline Cleaning Systems cleans parts fast, with an eye to reducing space and energy requirements. These mobile, conveyor-type machines have been designed to accommodate changing manufacturing processes and cleaning needs. Hotsy Cleaning Systems is offering its customers a no-charge field demo at their locations.

Hotsy Cleaning Systems
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Repair system gives new life to metal/plastic pipes

The Stop It pipe repair system repairs leaks in processing plants, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, refineries, municipal water and wastewater utilities, electric utilities and in many other applications. The NSF-certified Fix Stix hand-mouldable epoxy is safe for use on potable water and is resistant to hydrocarbons and most chemicals. The system sets in 5 min., cures fully in 30 min. and conforms around elbows, tees and other fittings. As the pipe surface does not have to be clean or dry–just rough–the product can be applied right over an old rusty line, completely underwater or buried underground. After curing, it will withstand up to 400 psi and 500F. The product also can be used on electrical conduit or any cable cover.

Indumar Products
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Company helps with plant safety needs

S.A.F.E. Engineering has developed a system of addressing the needs of its clients in the area of pre-start health and safety reviews, fire, explosion and building code compliance. The system includes consulting and training services. The company carries a certificate of authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario and has the necessary liability insurance to perform engineering services. Many of its clients realize improved productivity as a result of recommended designs and specifications. The company helps to clarify pre-start reviews, and offers on-site machine guarding training and a variety of other safety-related services.

S.A.F.E. Engineering
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Laser alignment system is for the machine tool industry

Spindalign, a laser-optical alignment system from Prftechnik, offers precise spindle and chuck alignment on machine tool equipment. Machinery ranging from simple lathes to CNC units now can be quickly and accurately aligned. Typical alignments include spindle to chuck, spindle to guideway, work-piece to spindle, and driven tool and cutter alignment. Other applications include adjustment of peripheral equipment such as stock feed and straightness checks on guideways, beds and rails. In addition, the system is designed to analyze quickly the extent of a crash, offering corrective measures, as well as a Move function for an interactive correction process. Direct instrument-to-printer connectivity makes hardcopy data records possible. The icon-driven, graphic user interface makes the system easy to use.

Hyatt Industries
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Stainless steel shims are packaged in kits

Hyatt Industries has developed its own precision line of stainless steel shims. Each shim is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and is permanently etched for size and exact thickness. For convenience, they are packaged in kits that contain a selection of shims to meet a variety of needs. These pre-cut shims are available in four sizes and in 13 thicknesses per size.

Hyatt Industries
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Pump requires little maintenance

High-Pressure D04 series positive displacement pumps from Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Wanner Engineering, feature hydraulically balanced diaphragms for quiet, smooth operation, while providing pressure to 2,500 psi. Easy to maintain, these heavy-duty units are suitable for such applications as clean fluids, high-temperature fluids, reclaim water, slurries, abrasives, caustics, corrosives, wettable powders, fertilizers, chemicals and adhesives. They are self priming, which allows them to run dry without damage. A variety of heavy-duty materials of construction are offered to meet special pumping requirements.

John Brooks
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