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Wear-resistant compounds protect equipment from abrasionWear Guard epoxy putties from Devcon extend the service life and simplify maintenance of processing equipment by protecting it from the ravages ...

September 1, 2002 | By MRO Magazine

Wear-resistant compounds protect equipment from abrasion

Wear Guard epoxy putties from Devcon extend the service life and simplify maintenance of processing equipment by protecting it from the ravages of abrasion. Designed not to run, drip or sag when used on vertical or overhead surfaces, these alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy coatings and linings cure rapidly at room temperature and are suitable for exhausters, pulverizers, ash-handling systems, cyclones, pipe elbows, fans and housings, screens, chutes, screw conveyors, slurry pumps, etc. They are formulated for use in mining and other high-abrasion industries.


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Coated bearing withstands harsh conditions

The rolling elements of SKF NoWear steel bearings are coated with a diamond-like carbon only a few microns thick. Designed for bearings and other components used in difficult operating conditions, the coating offers hardness and a low friction coefficient. These wear-resistant bearings offer a long life, improve machinery performance and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. Applications include paper machines, compressors and hydraulic motors.

SKF Canada

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Electromagnetic coils withstand tough conditions

Custom-designed for precise control and long-lasting performance, Alcoils electromagnetic freestanding and bobbin coils from Warner Electric reduce cost and space for industrial, automotive, outdoor power equipment and off-highway applications. From small solenoids to heavy-duty motion control, the coils offer solutions for a variety of applications, such as steering systems, compressor clutches, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, emission controls and hydraulic valves. They can be encapsulated with tough thermoplastics to protect the assembly from moisture, corrosive chemicals, vibration and other hard working conditions.

Warner Electric

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Filter system handles

corrosive fluids

Millar-Williams Hydronics has introduced the Sethco all-PVDF filter system for tough corrosive liquids and ultra-pure solutions at temperatures to 99C (210F). The bearing-free system includes a sealless pump that has no wearing parts and can run dry. Features include twin-impeller pump design for high-volume filtration to 550 gph, a filter housing that fits cartridges or bags and screw-top chamber for fast filter replacement. Designed for mounting inside or outside the tank, the easy-to-install system is recommended for high-purity DI water, hydrofluoric acid, electroless nickel plating and non-flammable solvents.

Millar-Williams Hydronics

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Washer makes thorough job of flushing out tanks

The AA190 tank washer from John Brooks cleans medium-sized to large tanks up to 10.4 m (34 ft) in diameter. Available with a variable speed air or electric (including explosion-proof) motor, the washer features a spray head that fits through a 95-mm (3.75-in.) diameter tank opening. High-impact, solid-stream spray tips allow maximum cleaning with minimal liquid consumption. Lightweight and portable at 7 kg (16 lb), the washer is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials. It is offered with 0.9-m, 1.2-m or 1.8-m (1-ft, 3-ft, 4-ft or 6-ft) shafts and a 1-in. NPT inlet connection. Flow rates range from 12 l/min to 168 l/min (3.1 gpm to 44.5 gpm) at up to 6.895 kpa (1,000 psi).

John Brooks

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