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The 26th edition of the Machinery's Handbook, containing updated contents and new electronic referencing, is available from KBC Tools. Available on CD-ROM, the handbook includes an expanded index an...

November 1, 2000 | By MRO Magazine

The 26th edition of the Machinery’s Handbook, containing updated contents and new electronic referencing, is available from KBC Tools. Available on CD-ROM, the handbook includes an expanded index and 80 pages of new material on aerodynamic lubrication, high-speed machining, grinding speeds and feeds, fluids, ISO, surface texture, EDM and more. Features include complete text search plus Boolean and proximity searches, interlinks to related topics and examples, and support for bookmarking, journalling and annotation. In addition, the CD-ROM features cut and paste capabilities for inserting text and graphics into proposals, documentation and other written material. For more information, call a local bookseller or KBC Tools at (888) 522-8665, fax (800) 668-5615 or visit

The E-211 Workholding Guide from Enerpac is a 328-page resource manual offering information on components, selection guidelines, operational strategies and safety tips for workholding system design. Including 2D and 3D CAD files of the company’s workholding products on CD-ROM, this global resource is being published in as many as 10 languages. Also included are capacity and specification data on thousands of Enerpac’s workholding products. Contact an Enerpac distributor or write the company at 6100 N. Baker Road, Milwaukee, WI 53209; tel. (262) 781-6600, toll-free (800) 433-2766; fax (262) 781-1049; e-mail:; web site

Focusing entirely on reliability issues, the Internet discussion network features eight topic areas, including reliability management issues, reliability metrics, reliability methods and techniques, reliability training and educational resources, benchmarking and best practices, root cause analysis, employment opportunities, as well as general reliability topics. The site was developed by the Reliability Center.

Spectronics’ updated web site enables visitors to select HVAC/R and industrial distributors of its Spectroline fluorescent leak detection products. Located at, the web site also offers information on inspection lamps and fluorescent dyes for refrigerant, oil, fuel and water leak detection, as well as hardware and accessories. New products are highlighted in a special section. For more information, contact Spectronics, Dept. 1228, 956 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY 11590. Call (516) 333-4840, toll-free (800) 274-8888, or fax (516) 333-4859, toll-free fax (800) 491-6868. E-mail address is


Falk has formed Club Gear Head, an Extranet web site exclusively for registered users. Via the Members Only section of the Falk web site at, users can retrieve such information as product sizing and pricing, product availability and order status. Also, they have access to a question/answer bulletin board, chats, free classified ad service, application guides, power transmission library, archived catalogues, Falk direct contact list, special offers and more. In order to become a member, log on to the web site, click the Club Gear Head link and register. For more information, contact The Falk Corporation at 1-800-545-5215, ext. 901.

The Hornell Speedglas Fresh-air II 9000 video covers three welding respiratory systems, the II P and G 9000 powered air-purifying respirators and the II SA supplied air respirator, which connects up to four welders to a Fresh-air purification and regulation panel. It demonstrates each system’s main features as well as basic operation and maintenance, such as filter replacement, battery charging and installation, and airflow verification. Further information is available from Hornell Speedglas, 2374 Edison Blvd., Twinsburg, OH 44087; tel. (330) 425-8880, toll-free (800) 628-9218; fax (330) 425-4576; e-mail:; web site:

Delivering its fast oil analysis service to customers throughout Canada, the United States, England and as far afield as Venezuela, Polaris Laboratories provides Internet-accessible on-line data in real time as samples are completed by the laboratory. The company can send electronic pages 24 hours a day if a fluid sample indicates a need for immediate maintenance. Polaris analyzes lubricants, coolants, fuels and water-based fluids for a wide range of industries, designing programs based on each customer’s needs. Further information is available by calling Polaris at (317) 808-3750, toll-free (877) 808-3750, or by visiting

Maska Pulleys has announced that its Drive Selection Program is available in Microsoft Windows format and can be downloaded directly from its web site at This easy-to-use program automatically selects the type and size of components needed for an application based on the criteria entered. Contact Maska for more information at (418) 883-3322, fax (418) 883-2020; e-mail:

* Cutler-Hammer’s new Canadian web site, located at, provides full access to product information, schematics and frequently asked questions. In addition, purchasers have access to on-line transactions, including payment and shipping options. The site provides direct links to the company’s training courses, locations of distributors and links to company sites around the world. For more information, call Cutler-Hammer Canada at (905) 631-4212.

The second edition of the Steeplechase Handbook on PC-based Control is free of charge and can be ordered by filling out a registration form on the company’s web site,


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