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VIDEO: Effective Asset Management

Discussion on how effective asset management starts with good assets.

July 9, 2021 | By MRO Staff

At the recent MRO/DE Expo, first MRO stream session was on Effective Asset Management Starts with Good Assets by Leonard Middleton, Consultant, Asset Management Solutions. Watch the presentation below.


“There seems to be a vast difference in perspective between those who approve projects, those who execute projects, and those who need to operate and maintain those assets that projects deliver. The presentation was delivered by someone who has worked in each of those areas, and has direct knowledge of the linkage and implications of decisions made,” said Middleton.


“The presentation intended to provide a pragmatic high-level overview that provided insights on the issues and what changes can be made to improve the situation for the benefit of the organization and the individual groups,” said Middleton. “Virtual conferences are the new normal. There is no longer the immediate feedback from the body-language and attention of the audience indicating whether they are engaged and following the presentation, and that takes some adjustment.”

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