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Blackline Safety seals a $2.7-million deal with U.S. energy company

February 13, 2024 | By Maryam Farag

Blackline Safety Corp., a company that specializes in connected safety technology, announced a four-year contract valued at $2.7 million with a major U.S. upstream energy company headquartered in Houston, Texas.

The company selected Blackline to provide over 800 G7c cloud-connected wearable safety devices, 40 EXO cloud-connected area monitors, and 75 G7 Docks.

The decision to upgrade was driven by the company’s dedication to safety and need to better protect their workers — especially those working alone — by ensuring consistent, reliable cellular coverage across a vast geographic area. The features include SOS latch, fall and no motion detection, push-to-talk, and real-time connectivity.

“The customer evaluated Blackline’s connected safety devices in comparison to products from their long-term supplier. It took less than a week for G7c to stand out for its broad connectivity range, and the ability to see where their lone workers might be in imminent danger so they can make sure their people are safe,” said Sean Stinson, President and Chief Growth Officer, Blackline Safety. “The company was also impressed with the EXO area monitor’s ability to monitor rigs, tank batteries, and wellsites during repair and maintenance operations.”


G7 Dock is Blackline’s simple solution to calibrating, bump testing and charging G7 devices without any complicated ethernet or Wi-Fi connection requirements. This new deal provides protection for over 800 workers so they have the confidence to do their job and get home safe at the end of their day.

“We unseat the competition because Blackline products set the standard for the safest lone worker solution on the market,” Stinson said. “We’ve innovated a stagnant industry and elevated the bar to keep workers safer than they have ever been.”


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