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Minerva Intelligence driver software update

September 15, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

Minerva Intelligence launched a new version of its Driver software. The updated software improves the integration of the machine learning-based grade directionality analysis toolkit with existing deposit frameworks.

Users will now see an overhauled modular structure allowing them to compartmentalize their project into geological domains, run fully automatic domain-based grade estimations over multiple block model grids, and merge block models together to facilitate a comprehensive, deposit-scale multi-element overlap analysis.

Driver’s proprietary geostatistical algorithm has increased significantly in speed and accuracy at which it automatically finds local 3D grade trends in unprocessed drilling information under the new framework. The changes expand the potential applications of software to a wider range of mineral deposit styles at different stages of development.

“We are thrilled to be able to release the updated version of the Driver software pushing the boundaries of web and cloud-based 3D Artificial Intelligence modelling solutions,” said Dr. Alexander Wilson, technical product owner, Minerva Intelligence. “By implementing changes in the underlying codebase, improving the cloud processing architecture and overhauling the internal processing functions, we have created a faster, more intuitive, and reliable user experience.”



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