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Henkel launches e-learning platform

Photo: Henkel.

Henkel launched an e-learning platform called Loctite Xplore that offers the collective learning of its experts to industrial manufacturing and design, maintenance, repair and overhaul, engineering, and vehicle repair and maintenance professionals.

The platform is developed for desktop, tablet and mobile experiences, and is free for all users. Modules can be completed at the learner’s own pace, and the platform will house live learning sessions to help participants make decisions within their area of expertise.

Photo: Henkel.

Loctite Xplore currently offers two modules:

  • How to increase reliability and prevent threaded assembly failures using thread lockers
  • How to increase safety and avoid common application pitfalls in windscreen bonding

“The Loctite Xplore content is based on the accumulated knowledge of more than 65 years of practical expertise and we’re excited to share it with industry professionals as an extension of our unparalleled services,” said Eric Saunders, Vice-President Global Head of Marketing and Strategy, Henkel. “The platform, with its animation and engaging characters, gives a twist to traditional e-learning modules. Learning should be fun, so we’ve built Loctite Xplore with that experience in mind.”