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Des-Case acquires RMF Systems from Doedijns Group International


April 3, 2018
By MRO Magazine

Signing ceremony between RMF Systems and Des-Case Corporation, featuring Frank Robben, CEO of Doedijns Group International (right) and Brian Gleason, CEO of Des-Case (left).

Des-Case Corporation, a market leader in desiccant breathers and manufacturer of specialty products that improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life for companies around the world, today announced its acquisition of RMF Systems, an experienced specialist in desiccant breathers, filtration systems, analysis and monitoring solutions to maintain hydraulic oil and lubricant cleanliness. With the addition of RMF, Des-Case will provide a broader range of solutions, greater customer convenience, and deeper professional expertise.

Des-Case holds the leading position in the North American breather market and also provides world-class filtration and transfer systems of all shapes and sizes, while RMF is a major player in the European filtration market with particular focus on hydraulic solutions. Together, Des-Case and RMF will help companies make their equipment investments last longer through an extensive combined product line that will provide solutions of superior breadth and depth for any contamination problem.

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