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New cargo delivery drone designed for bulk shipments

March 25, 2018 | By Rehana Begg

Toronto – Drone Delivery Canada announced that it has commenced development of its newest cargo delivery drone, “The Condor,” with a lifting capability estimated at 400 pounds of payload.

“Our engineering team is focused on building out our fleet to provide drones capable of addressing a wide range of client requirements in different geographies. The Condor will be our first delivery drone that offers our customers a platform for greater capacities of bulk shipments” commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO. “We continue to push the envelope advancing our fleets capabilities to meet and exceed client requirements in Northern Canada and elsewhere around the world.”

The Condor cargo delivery drone is being engineered to provide payload capacities of up to 400lbs and designed to fly approximately 150km. The Condor boasts a considerably larger payload compartment compared to both the Raven and Sparrow. The Sparrow obtained its Declaration of Compliance accepted by Transport Canada in December 2017. The Condor looks to accept pallet size payload shipments, ideal for transporting bulk cargo, both in Canada and abroad.

Most importantly, The Condor will be fully integrated with the proprietary DDC FLYTE management system which has been extensively tested in the Canadian geography and just recently also in the United States of America at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York. DDC looks to commence testing the Condor at its testing facilities in late 2018 with multiple customers, both new and existing.


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