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Emerson Bearing Boston announces bearing solution for food-grade applications

January 2, 2018 | By MRO Magazine

Boston, MA – Emerson Bearing Boston, a bearing company catering to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) markets, has announced an ideal bearing solution for dairy, meat and seafood processing companies as well as bottling/canning and cosmetic and pharmaceutical production companies.

Emerson Bearing Boston offers stainless steel bearings, solid lube, and seals and slingers that can be used to create unique components that deliver high performance and a long life span while resisting bearing contamination. The company now carries NTN Sentinel Series stainless steel bearings, which are specifically designed for use in food-grade settings, but are also well suited to corrosive environments thanks to their unique seal and slinger design. These bearings can be used in many sectors that involve direct or incidental contact with food. Sentinel bearings are especially well suited to blending, stirring, separating, cooking, drying, packaging, and wrapping applications within these industries.

Difficult-to-maintain or hard-to-access locations can also benefit from these bearings, since they do not require regular maintenance or replacement after initial installation.

Food Grade Lubrication
H1 food-safe solid lube can be used in temperatures ranging from 14°F to 212°F, allowing for use in many food applications. Since it does not come into contact with the high-pressure washdowns that must be done regularly to eliminate contaminants, the H1 solid lube resists these washdowns easily, remaining intact and effective. Plus, the seal and slinger design removes the risk of lubricant leakage that would attract dust and dirt around the bearing.


“In sensitive food-grade applications and corrosive environments, selecting the proper bearings, along with the right lubrication, is critical for ensuring optimal system longevity and reliability,” explained Steve Katz, president. “In these harsh settings, bearings must provide high performance and durability without the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.”

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