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Hydraulic Institute staffs up to

November 13, 2017 | By MRO Magazine

Edgar Suarez, manager, Technical Programs, Hydraulic Institute.

Parsippany, NJ – As the Hydraulic Institute (HI) continues to develop a robust portfolio supporting pump system efficiency, the company has added two new staff members in their Technical and Marketing Departments to support these growth areas. “I am excited to add these new members to the HI team,” stated Michael Michaud, HI Executive Director. “Both positions are critical to our company’s growth – in new program development as well as reinforcing the value HI brings to pump manufacturers, suppliers and the entire pump user community.”

Edgar Suarez, joined HI in June as manager, Technical Programs to oversee the newest technical programs including the HI Pump Test Approval Program, The HI Energy Rating Label and Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) certification program. “In addition to being an engineer, Eddie has a strong background in accreditation and certification programs from his six years’ experience working on similar programs for ASME. He will be an asset in growing the HI portfolio around energy efficiency.”

Michaud added that “these technical programs will help transform the market – creating a greater awareness of our company’s central role in pump system efficiency. Whether it is through the use of HI rated products or pump system assessments done by certified professionals, Eddie’s role is to maintain the HI 100 year legacy of standards behind these programs.

Pamela Roccabruna, director, Marketing, Communications and Events, Hydraulic Institute.

Pamela Roccabruna, joined HI in early August as director, Marketing, Communications and Events. She brings 20 years of experience in building and implementing marketing plans across multiple media channels and customer segments. Her expertise will help HI strengthen its value proposition for our members, expand the HI message to a broader end user audience, and create awareness for our new products and programs. Michaud commented, “Pamela’s role will focus on connecting our members with End Users, delivering high value conference content at our HI meetings through the incorporation of end-user perspective, and building on a century of service to the pump industry.”


HI programs mean different things to different audiences. As manufacturers seek the Energy Rating Label to showcase product efficiency, Utilities use it as the foundation for incentive programs. PSAP can be a valuable tool for an individual looking to showcase their expertise, while organizations use it to identify opportunities to save and become more efficient. Michaud noted, “With Pamela’s understanding of customer segmentation and multi-media program development, I am confident she will play a key role with aligning the HI messaging to efficiently reach our various customers and create strong awareness for these growth areas.”

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