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Lafert North America brings you the finest in Italian manufactured IEC metric motors, along with other premium Italian made products, such as; EuroMotori Flame Proof Motors, Sacemi Coolant Pumps and the SITI metric line of gearboxes. We are located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Lafert provides an extensive range of quality products at an outstanding service level. Replacing oddball foreign motors, that are sometimes costly to repair and difficult to source is one of our specialties!

Our mission is to be your best source for custom motor solutions and exceptional customer service. Lafert is strongly oriented toward energy efficiency, product customization and we are proud to be a trusted partner in the IEC market. We focus on IEC markets requiring aggressive lead times and a high level of customization with over 50% of the units produced being non-standard products.

Lafert has produced permanent magnet motor technology for 20 years and has sold 2 million PM motors to date. Our High Performance (HP) is a generation of Permanent Magnet (PM) Synchronous Motors, achieving IE4/IE5 Super/Ultra Premium Efficiency levels. We are proud to be the foundation of your PM motor experience and the future of PM motor technology.

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