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DriveRadar® for industrial gear units

Plan maintenance and repair activities predictively to avoid undesirable system failures

Keep ahead of faults with the help of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance – DriveRadar® from SEW-EURODRIVE enables you to implement comprehensive predictive maintenance management for your drive by digitally recording and analyzing data and reliably predicting events. As a result, you can maintain and improve the condition of your products and systems.

A selected condition monitoring process forms the basis for the DriveRadar® for industrial gear units. At cyclical intervals, this process determines all the mechanical values relevant to operations for your SEW-EURODRIVE industrial gear units that are linked to DriveRadar®.

These diagnostic values are then evaluated and interpreted using state-of-the-art analytical processes. Continuously monitoring the measurement data in this way provides you with transparent insight into the condition of industrial gear units at any time.

In addition, the analytical processes match any irregularities discovered directly to the components concerned. Together with the visualization of trends, this enables you to forecast critical conditions.

If the condition of a component changes, you, the user, are notified immediately, given initial recommendations and can then use our service offerings to take appropriate action in plenty of time. Intelligent and reliable predictive maintenance couldn’t be easier.

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