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Virtual Event
CMMS Solutions for Minimizing Downtime
February 28, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

Presentation 2: Elevating Performance: Uptime as a Strategic Tool in CMMS


  • Richard Beer, Owner, TRO Maintenance Solutions
  • Bruce Smith, Consultant, TRO Maintenance Solutions
Our speaker, a seasoned expert in maintenance and reliability, will discuss the impact of utilizing uptime as a proactive and strategic tool in CMMS. Learn how to leverage advanced functionalities to maximize equipment availability, minimize unplanned downtime, and optimize operational performance.


Through real-world examples and practical insights, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how uptime-centric strategies can be integrated seamlessly into CMMS practices. Whether you are a maintenance professional, asset manager, or an executive seeking to enhance operational resilience, this presentation offers actionable takeaways that will empower you to wield uptime as a precision tool in your maintenance arsenal.

Richard Beer
Shortly after receiving his MBA in 1990 from Concordia University, Richard Beer became Maintenance Planner and Manager for Pearson International, Toronto’s largest airport. This responsibility required a strategic and proactive maintenance solutions program, to keep millions of people safe and on time. Richard’s practical and innovative skills in maintenance management led to his involvement as Lead Consultant for DataStream Systems for their MP2 and MP5 (currently Hexagon EAM) software implementation and training. Richard now owns TRO Solutions, a sophisticated maintenance management solutions company, where his knowledge and expertise assist a wide variety of organizations in transitioning from reactive to proactive maintenance. TRO’s maintenance management solutions can maximize plant uptime, optimize inventory, and reduce maintenance costs. In a world that is becoming more dependent on the consistent and responsible management of essential goods and services, Richard has never been more passionate about bringing innovative maintenance management to industries such as manufacturing, food processing, transportation, healthcare, and more.

Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith is an industrial maintenance and reliability consultant with an extensive background in manufacturing. Prior to establishing his consulting alliance with TRO Maintenance Solutions, he spent over two decades managing maintenance, facilities and engineering for a variety of multinational corporations.

Bruce has a broad background and experience in a variety of manufacturing sectors including fisheries, bakery, dairy, tea & coffee and confectionary. Bruce also has headed projects employing such technologies as single and twin-screw extrusion, continuous microwave cooking, thermal processing, pasteurization, microfiltration, dry blending, and high speed automated packaging.