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Virtual Event
CMMS Solutions for Minimizing Downtime
February 28, 2024 at 1:00pm ET


Fluke is pleased to sponsor this CMMS Solutions for minimizing downtime MRO event.

Avoiding downtime is at the center of all our company creates and it is what we do.

Fluke has been in the forefront of helping maintenance professionals keep their plants and processes up and running for over 75 years. Maintenance teams trust Fluke products for their reliability, safe operation, ease of use, ruggedness, and rigid standards of quality. They can depend on their Fluke tools.

With electronics being integrated into increasing numbers of electro-mechanical systems, technicians who maintain them use tools for troubleshooting and quick problem detection: Tools such as digital multimeters, electrical power analyzers, thermal imagers, insulation resistance testers, accessories, plus the integrated ScopeMeter™ handheld test tools.

Electricians, HVAC/R techs, plant engineers, and power quality consultants working in the maintenance, service, and design of every type of residential, industrial, plant and commercial buildings may use the tools designed to analyze, troubleshoot, and repair these associate systems for optimum performance.  Tools such as: Electrical testers, digital multimeters (DMMs), clamp meters, insulation testers, single and three-phase power quality meters, ScopeMeter™ test tools, current clamps, thermal imagers, acoustic imagers, digital thermometers, and DMM accessories.

In addition to tools for day-to-day maintenance and scheduled predictive maintenance programs, Fluke also has award winning tools for condition monitoring and the reporting software that connects those tools to performance.

From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service to precision measurement, quality control and networks, Fluke tools are helping business and industry around the globe keep the world up and running.

ii910 Acoustic imagers. Save on time and energy costs related to compressed air leaks and now with MecQ software to quickly spot issues in large conveyor systems:


The faster way to perform power quality studies with the Fluke 1770 series power quality analyzers: