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SKF Lincoln

Our renowned SKF lubrication systems portfolio primarily is comprised of two distinguished brands – SKF and Lincoln. Recognized individually for superior quality products, the collective business unit provides increased capacity for results-oriented solutions throughout the lubrication industry.

Since the acquisition of Lincoln, our two brands have combined extensive research and development efforts to ensure continued innovation in the global market. As our customer, you will benefit from leveraged technology and the SKF Life Cycle Management approach to reduce total cost of ownership and maximize productivity through every stage, from specification and design to operation and maintenance.

Together, SKF and Lincoln are positioned to become your preferred supplier for best-in-class products and services. Our shared sales channels offer improved geographical coverage and reach, while our experienced product specialists continue to provide unique lubrication solutions based on the needs of our customers.

The Lincoln brand contributes to and benefits from SKF’s deep knowledge of friction reduction and tribology supported by multiple technology platforms – bearings and units, lubrication systems, seals, mechatronics and services.

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Chain lubrication kit CLK

The CLK airless oil projection system is the simple, reliable, and easy-to-install solution for lubricating the roller chains of industrial conveyors.
The system comprises a central unit with a reservoir, automatic system, and volumetric pump for delivering a precise quantity of lubricant through projection nozzles to each point of friction of moving chain links. None of the system components is in mechanical contact with the chain, thereby eliminating any risk of wear and potential build-up of dirt. All components are corrosion-resistant. Nozzles and pipework are suitable for high temperatures (200 °C/400 °F).

The CLK Application Configurator helps you to get the right SKF Chain Lubrication System CLK for your application. You will be informed if your application can be served with a CLK system. You will get the exact order number and you can download CAD files of the right CLK system for your application.

The CLK Programming Tool gives you the correct values to properly program the CLK to your application (refer to page 20/21 of the manual). At the end of the form, you can download the values to your device.