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Wild salmon conservation group raises concerns about fish dying needlessly due to machinery

Much of the blame likely lays with a high-pressure spraying process farm operators are using to clear lice and other parasites off farmed salmon, according to analysts.

Que. pork farmers affected by 'perfect storm', creating economic hardships

Quebec farmers, who bargain collectively with the companies that slaughter and process hogs, have had to accept prices that see them lose between $15 to $20 per animal they produce.

No Frills workers at 17 Ontario stores ratify deal with wage gains, full time jobs

No Frills workers at 17 stores in Ontario have ratified a new collective agreement that raises wages and expands the number of full-time jobs, the union representing them has confirmed.

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The Crucial Role of Metal-Detectable O-Rings in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industries' commitment to product safety is crucial. Metal Detectable products are pivotal in upholding the integrity mandated by the Food Regulatory Authorities, as the wear and tear on equipment can lead to undetectable product contamination. Metal-detectable o-rings curbs recalls, reduce losses and minimize the risk of elastomers reaching the final product. Don't let fragmented parts pose a risk. Use Metal-detectable o-rings to streamline safety protocols and maintain consumer trust. » Learn more

Eight avoidable errors for world-class F&B equipment reliability

At MRO and Food and Beverage Engineering and Maintenance magazines' recent Max Uptime V2 virtual event, MRO presented a variety of informative sessions. » Read More...

Reduction of micro-stoppages

In the Reduction of micro-stoppages session, speaker Mariela Castaño, Senior Vice-President and COO, Kunst Solutions spoke about: Micro-stoppages in the food industry refer to very brief and often unnoticed interruptions or pauses in the production process that occur repeatedly and frequently. » Read More...

Importance of the food and bev industry

In many ways, the food processing industry in Canada, is what allows everyone to have access to fresh food on a daily basis. » Read More...

Thread milling cutters

The Walter T2711 and T2712 thread milling cutters, are tools for producing small blind-hole and through-hole threads in dimensions of M16, M18 and UNC ¾. » Read More...


All-compatible machinery drives

ABB brings ACS180 machinery drive to Canadian market. ACS180 provides user-friendly, reliable, and energy-efficient motor and process control. » Read More...