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Industry group warns Ont. manufacturers struggling to fill thousands of job vacancies

Industry group Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters is warning on the rising number of job vacancies in Ontario's manufacturing sector as positions go unfilled, thousands of new positions are set to be created and a wave of retirements takes hold.

All Material Handling calls for improved safety in non-standard lifts

All Material Handling (AMH) has added the Cartec series of lifting points and rotating hoist rings to its product portfolio, "ensuring that riggers have easy access to the right tools for the job when it’s a non-standard load."

Modernizing Canadian coastal ships

The work to enhance the vessel's capabilities includes overhauling the propulsion, communication, and navigation systems.

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How companies are successfully launching predictive maintenance initiatives

Prairie State Energy, CPS Energy, and Great River Energy have all saved millions of dollars, decreased downtime, and prevented asset failures with predictive maintenance. "Between the Prometheus APM Platform and the remote monitoring services, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution,” says Robert Hager, Senior Mechanical Engineer, at Great River Energy. » Learn more...

Greening maintenance operations

MRO spoke with a cross-section of maintenance and asset management experts to get their perspective on how maintenance activities can be more environmentally-friendly. » Read article

How to perform a root cause analysis and corrective action

It’s not uncommon for businesses to run into issues with quality or non-conformances. What they do next determines how effectively they can overcome challenges and enhance profitably when making their products. » Read article

Everyone wins with good training

Inaugural Machinery Alignment Specialist certified training program took place at the CMVA Technical conference. » Read More...

Stainless steel ball lock pins

Fairlane Products full stainless steel quick release ball lock pins that have a wide range of applications. They will not release until the button on the handle is depressed, allowing the balls to retract into the shank. » Read More...


ES Series spring check valve

Chemline Plastics ES Series spring check valves feature a PTFE-covered stainless-steel spring for positive closing, and a new disc design. ES Series requires very low liquid head pressure to close, therefore it has more flexibility as to where valves may be placed in a piping system. » Read More...


Backside illuminated TDI camera

Teledyne DALSA, announce its Linea HS 16k backside illuminated (BSI) TDI camera is in production. This camera offers enhanced sensitivity and is ideal for near ultraviolet and visible imaging applications, and photoluminescence and life science imaging. » Read More...