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Equipment Restoration and Lubrication Standards

There have been many books written about the importance of equipment lubrication; however, it is still one of the least consistent maintenance practices.

Lubrication System Leakage and How to Prevent It

An external lubricant leak of one drop per second is equal to 420 gallons of oil in a 12-month period.

Heavy Equipment Bearing Lubrication

When we think of heavy equipment we think of large pieces of equipment that are generally slow moving and subject to environments that are dirty, wet and generally treated roughly or expected to handle rough conditions.

Rule of Twos – Factors that influence the job of lubrication

Applying a simple troubleshooting method can get you to the appropriate amount of lubrication needed for a bearing.

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Keep losing your WD-40 straw? Never lose it again!!!

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Lubrication of industrial fans

Industrial fans are used to control air quality, temperature, and humidity, and to provide ventilation and maintain safe working conditions. » Read article

Condition-based lubrication

When most millwrights are asked about greasing bearing, they answer “I put five shots of grease every six weeks”. Conversely, how often do you change the oil in your car? Typically, every six months or 10,000 kms. » Read article

Lubrication Selection Based on Speed

If you look at an old bearing catalogue from the 1980s and earlier, you will see that bearing manufacturers published limiting speeds in grease, and in oil. » Read More...

VIDEO: Bearing Lubrication and Health Insights Made Simple

At the MRO/DE Expo, the on-demand MRO stream session was on Bearing Lubrication and Health Insights Made Simple presented by Blair Fraser, Director of Global IIoT Solutions, UE Systems Inc. » Read More...


Stainless steel ball lock pins

Fairlane Products full stainless steel quick release ball lock pins that have a wide range of applications. » Read More...


Solid carbide shoulder/slot mills

Walter now offers MA230, MA320 and MA321 shoulder/slot mills for universal application. » Read More...


Syntesi air prep components

Metal Work Syntesi air prep components offer a full selection of combination pre-assembled air prep systems. » Read More...