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'Good corporate neighbours': Locals fear disruptions from giant VW plant in Ontario

Jenna Tranter thought she had finally found rural tranquillity a decade ago when she bought a lush 25-acre farm where she could teach horseback riding, removed from the traffic and noise of a major city. But she recently learned she'd be getting a new neighbour: Volkswagen.

Overhaul permitting process in Canada to keep up with U.S., TC Energy CEO urges

Canada might be outmatched by the U.S. on raw spending power, but retooling the way Ottawa signs off on infrastructure projects could help it gain ground in the race to build North America's green economy.

NASA picks Bezos' Blue Origin to build lunar landers for moonwalkers

Jeff Bezos' rocket company has won a NASA contract to land astronauts on the moon, two years after it lost out to SpaceX.

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How important do you believe safety is at your company?

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Digital transformation: How F&B companies can innovate, adapt, and be profitable

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving, driven by shifting consumer behaviors, technological advancements, and increasingly stringent regulations. » Read article

Software to the rescue?

In the lead-up to our software-based virtual event, we asked our readers: “What software do you use to manage your maintenance?” in an online poll. » Read More...

Maximizing asset performance with a CMMS

Asset management is a crucial aspect of any business that relies on physical assets, such as equipment, machinery, or facilities, to operate. » Read article

Understanding lubricant additives and their function

Formulated lubricants are various combinations of base oils and additives. » Read article

WEG Rolled Steel Motors

WEG brand motors add several general-purpose one- and three-phase motors from ¼ to three horsepower; certain high-performance inverter duty motors from ½ to one hp; motors certified for hazardous locations up to three hp; and three-phase brake motors from ¼ to two hp. » Read More...


Exor Wireless HMI: X5

Exor X5 Wireless HMI features a durable design, with a five-inch colour display and a user-friendly interface. » Read More...


ABB stainless steel motors

BB Baldor-Reliance Food Safe motors has made enhancements in performance and protection to its Food Safe stainless steel motor line. » Read More...


Miller Adds FILTAIR 215 system

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, fume extraction solution, FILTAIR 215 fume extraction system provides an industrial, high-vacuum fume extraction unit that can handle multiple fume guns. » Read More...


Max Uptime V2 - August 29

Join us on August 29 as we discuss with a panel of experts how to leverage the availability of key production assets in order to meet quotas and maintain profit margins. » Read More...