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Canada needs to put an end to polluting plastic: group

Carl Duivenvoorden's pet peeve is bottled water. The sustainability consultant from Hanwell is irked every time he sees a vending machine with the product, sometimes right next to a water fountain.

Proactive climate adaptation can cut Ontario public infrastructure costs: watchdog

The dangers of a changing climate could add more than $4 billion per year to the cost of maintaining Ontario's public infrastructure over the rest of the century, the province's financial watchdog said.

St. Catharines strengthens emissions reductions targets after surpassing previous goals

On Monday, St. Catharines council committed the city to reducing community emissions by 63.5 percent below 2018 levels by 2030 and ultimately reaching net zero by 2050.

Capital Power spending US$1.1 billion in pair of deals for U.S. power plants

Capital Power Corp. says it has signed a pair of deals with CSG Investments, Inc., a subsidiary of Beal Financial Corp., to buy two natural gas power plants in the United States for a total of US$1.1 billion.

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Principles of planning and scheduling

A Texas water utility commissioned a ranking of opportunities to improve their utility. Planning and scheduling was ranked as one of the most beneficial programs. » Read article

Panel – How automation, robotics, and AI are transforming food manufacturing

In the how automation, robotics, and AI are transforming food manufacturing panel, moderator Linda Fox, Regional Innovation Director, CFIN spoke about how Canadian food technology companies are helping manufacturers save time and money, while increasing output. » Read More...

Considerations in the selection and maintenance of oil seals

Simply, a seal is a device or method that prevents or reduces the passage of a fluid between two surfaces. » Read article

EQP Global SD severe duty motors

EQP Global SD severe duty motors from Toshiba are designed to withstand severe conditions. » Read More...


Stereo depth camera series

Framos D400e cameras now have added IR Pass Filter. The new version has improved depth quality and allows the vision system to acquire a better understanding of the environment, by increasing the relative strength of the integrated IR projector’s pattern. » Read More...


All-compatible machinery drives

ABB brings ACS180 machinery drive to Canadian market. ACS180 provides user-friendly, reliable, and energy-efficient motor and process control. » Read More...