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Canadian municipalities looking to become 'spongier' to build climate resilience

From green roofs in Toronto to Vancouver's rain city strategy, Canadian cities are looking to become "sponges'' in order to help mitigate some of the effects of extreme rainfall events.

Sheep used in pilot project to control grass at P.E.I. solar plant

In July 2023, the P.E.I. Energy Corporation conducted a three-week solar grazing trial, using sheep, to test whether solar installations across the province would be well-served by solar grazing.

Battery technology in the crashed Venice bus made it less prone to catastrophic fires, experts say

Italy's transport minister is questioning the spread of electric vehicle technology following the fiery crash of a fully electric shuttle bus that killed 21 people in mainland Venice. But the battery chemistry used by the Chinese bus maker makes it less prone to catastrophic fires, experts said.

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Ringball Corporation: CELEBRATING 70 Years of Excellence

in Bearings, Linear Motion, and Power Transmission Products.

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Ringball Corporation: CELEBRATING 70 Years of Excellence

Ringball Corporation, the ultimate source for bearings, linear motion, and power transmission products, is proudly celebrating its 70th year in business. Since its establishment in 1953, Ringball has consistently delivered top-notch solutions, earning a reputation as a trusted industry leader. With a relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Ringball has successfully navigated the evolving industrial landscape and cemented its position as a cornerstone in the field. This milestone anniversary is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication and its unwavering pursuit of excellence. » READ MORE

Greening maintenance operations

MRO spoke with a cross-section of maintenance and asset management experts to get their perspective on how maintenance activities can be more environmentally-friendly. » Read article

Lubrication of industrial fans

How an enclosure manufacturer integrates safety, efficiency, and automation protocols. » Read article

Recap: Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

The 2023 edition of the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) drew over 8,000 attendees to the Toronto Congress Centre near the airport. » Read article

Servomotors for food and beverage

Siemens Simotics S-1FS2 line of servomotors, designed for the clean condition requirements of the food and beverage, and other process industries. » Read More...


Multichannel pipette calibration balance

Mettler Toledo XPR105MCP has readability of 10 μg and repeatability of 15 μg, the system fulfills requirements of ISO 8655 for multichannel pipettes with dis-pensing volumes as small as 0.5 μL. » Read More...