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Food prices are rising as countries limit exports. Blame climate change, El Nino and Russia's war

How do you cook a meal when a staple ingredient is unaffordable? This question is playing out in households around the world as they face shortages of essential foods like rice, cooking oil and onions.

Leading experts developing new ag technologies

Kandice Kew, Regional Communications Advisor for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, says that the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre has increased its capacity and the utilization of new technologies in emerging disciplines including phenomics, agricultural glycomics, and nanotechnology.

Cost of living: Pepsi and Coca Cola absent in meeting with federal industry minister

Canada's industry minister made a point of calling out Pepsi and Coca-Cola for not sending representatives to a meeting he convened on Monday with manufacturing companies to discuss stabilizing grocery prices.

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Ringball Corporation: CELEBRATING 70 Years of Excellence

in Bearings, Linear Motion, and Power Transmission Products

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White Paper describes POSITAL’s new generation of encoders!

POSITAL has launched a major upgrade to its IXARC family of rotary encoders. Introduced as part of POSITAL’s NEXTGEN initiative, the new encoders feature new magnetic sensor technology and energy-efficient microcontrollers for improved performance and reduced power requirements. Mechanically and electrically compatible with earlier models. » Learn more

Improving attendance and boosting productivity

A good attendance program can motivate employees to maintain consistent attendance while promoting a healthy and balanced work environment. Here are some helpful tips to help today’s manufacturers stay productive. » Read More...

A food producer’s transformation through CMMS

The food and beverage industry faces a complex set of challenges. » Read More...

Importance of the food and bev industry

In many ways, the food processing industry in Canada, is what allows everyone to have access to fresh food on a daily basis. » Read More...

How to perform a root cause analysis and corrective action

It’s not uncommon for businesses to run into issues with quality or non-conformances. What they do next determines how effectively they can overcome challenges and enhance profitably when making their products. » Read More...
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Premium PU Belting: Elevating Food and Beverage Industry Performance

Discover the perfect solution for your food and beverage industry needs! Daemar’s custom Round, Flat, and V polyurethane belting options are designed to excel in demanding environments. Enjoy benefits like high chemical resistance, impressive tensile strength, exceptional abrasion resistance, and more. Plus, Daemar’s in-house thermo welding ensures quick delivery to minimize equipment downtime. Trust Daemar for FDA compliance, low compression set, and a non-stick surface. Elevate your operations with Daemar’s premium PU material offerings! » Learn more

Servomotors for food and beverage

Siemens Simotics S-1FS2 line of servomotors, designed for the clean condition requirements of the food and beverage, and other process industries. » Read More...


Multichannel pipette calibration balance

Mettler Toledo XPR105MCP has readability of 10 μg and repeatability of 15 μg, the system fulfills requirements of ISO 8655 for multichannel pipettes with dis-pensing volumes as small as 0.5 μL. » Read More...