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All Material Handling calls for improved safety in non-standard lifts

All Material Handling (AMH) has added the Cartec series of lifting points and rotating hoist rings to its product portfolio, "ensuring that riggers have easy access to the right tools for the job when it’s a non-standard load."

Canada's top 100 infrastructure projects unveiled

Annual report from ReNew Canada reflects $293 Billion in public infrastructure investment across the country.

Laivly named as one of Canada's Best Startup Employers 2024

Laivly, an AI technology company focused on developing automation solutions for the contact center industry, has been recognized as one of Canada's Best Startup Employers 2024 by Forbes and Statista Inc.

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Make the Switch

Used in tens of thousands of compressors around the world, trust in the proven reliability of Genuine Sullube to help ensure your compressors run clean and cool – plus the low carryover means fewer top offs. Sullube fights varnish – helping reduce downtime and extending air end life. Optimize your compressor’s performance. Make the switch to Genuine Sullube. » Learn more...

Valve actuators built for longevity

In food, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and chemical plants, processors often operate around the clock to produce chemicals, paints, resins, lubricants, ingredients, and other raw materials. » Read article

Panel – How automation, robotics, and AI are transforming food manufacturing

At MRO and Food and Beverage Engineering and Maintenance magazines' recent Max Uptime V2 virtual event, MRO presented a variety of informative sessions. In the How automation, robotics, and AI are transforming food manufacturing panel, moderator Linda Fox, Regional Innovation Director, CFIN spoke about How Canadian food technology companies are helping manufacturers save time and money, while increasing output with panelists: Raik Meissner, VP Operations, Piller’s Fine Foods Rae Jeong, Co-Founder and CEO, Laplace Robotics Jeff Hetherington, Head of Project Development, Laplace Robotics Alex Barlow, Vice-President, Programs, CFIN Keith Robinson, Director of Engineering, Fresh Prep Click here to view other ... » Read article

Survey: Unplanned downtime costs businesses nearly quarter million dollars per hour

A survey from ABB has found that 68 per cent of industrial businesses in Canada experience unplanned outages at least once a month. » Read More...

Thread milling cutters

The Walter T2711 and T2712 thread milling cutters, are tools for producing small blind-hole and through-hole threads in dimensions of M16, M18 and UNC ¾. » Read More...


All-compatible machinery drives

ABB brings ACS180 machinery drive to Canadian market. ACS180 provides user-friendly, reliable, and energy-efficient motor and process control. » Read More...


EQP Global SD severe duty motors

EQP Global SD severe duty motors from Toshiba are designed to withstand severe conditions. » Read More...