MRO Magazine

Recently, MRO Magazine held a webinar exploring how organizations are addressing immediate staffing and ongoing execution of maintenance activities through this critical period in their asset life cycle.

Many maintenance professionals work in essential services and are currently working to – keep the lights on and homes warm, produce transportation and heating fuels, ensure clean drinking water and manage waste water, produce the needed paper products, including the raw materials for masks and medical supplies, keeping university laboratories open to make sure that the researchers can focus on vaccine development, and the list goes on.

Given the rapidly changing environment, the necessity for a well-developed maintenance management approach is evident.

A Q&A discussion on maintenance management considerations for participants’ organizations followed the presentation. Many questions were answered, and a lively conversation took place.

The webinar was led by Susan Lubell P.Eng MBA MMP CAMA. She is the author of Root Cause Analysis Made Simple, specializes in asset management and reliability strategy, cost effective lean maintenance programs and operational excellence. Lubell brings over 25 years of practical experience to drive asset management, maintenance and operational business improvement in producer companies. She is the National President for PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada, and Chair of the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM). She also teaches for both the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP), and Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP) certification programs.

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