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Learn How the LOCTITE® Brand Was Born

Whereas industrial Loctite products are used in 800 different industries and applications, end-consumers value Loctite for its strong and fast-acting adhesives that are sold under the name of Super Glue. Let’s take a closer look at Henkel’s biggest brand: its history, its personality, and its magic.

LOCTITE’s origin is a modern industrial fairy-tale. It is the story of Vernon Krieble, a retired chemistry professor, who persuaded his son Robert in the 1950s to leave a well-payed management job and become co-founder of a start-up. Their business model was based on a technical discovery for which no apparent need existed: a substance that solidifies within minutes in the absence of air.

They called the new technology “anaerobic” and their vision was to introduce it into the metalworking industries to prevent machine parts from loosening or leaking. What they were proposing to designers, engineers and maintenance managers came close to heresy: they offered them a non-mechanical solution for a mechanical problem! The Kriebles overcame the reservations to this “alien” technology and made their invention a success: Within ten years, Loctite became a state-of-the-art method for bonding, sealing or locking metal parts.

Don’t Let A Little Fastener Become A Big Problem
As the world’s leader in sealant and adhesive solutions, we know the importance of problem solving, so we stop at nothing to make sure your machinery and your facilities never stop moving. And that means every little detail. And we wanted to prove that with a demo that shows exactly what we mean.

We developed a threadlocking adhesive that not only eliminates vibrational loosening, it eliminates the damage that happens after. We suspended two identical loads 130 feet in the air vibrating at the same rate. There’s only one small difference.

One machine was securely fastened with LOCTITE Threadlocker 243 to prevent vibrational loosening.

Watch what happens when a few drops of Threadlocker prove to be the difference between success and failure.

How does LOCTITE branded threadlockers help our customers?
Mechanical locking devices such as split washers, nylon nuts and flat washers were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. The reality is that they do not maintain clamp load as assemblies “locked” with these devices often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion and/or improper torque. LOCTITE branded threadlockers address this issue as they can fill the gaps left in traditional fastening methods. After using LOCTITE threadlocker, customers can expect less downtime, fewer complaints, greater efficiency and a safer working environment.

The benefits of using a LOCTITE threadlocker extend beyond just locking the bolt in place. It also prevents corrosion and galling, provides excellent chemical and thermal resistance and makes disassembly for maintenance easier. Furthermore, one 50 ml bottle replaces over 800 standard washers on the most common bolt sizes.

Creating a unique brand identity
New global packaging for LOCTITE anaerobic product range. To reinforce the LOCTITE promise of quality, reliability and our best-in-class sales and technical support, Henkel is now launching a new bottle design for the LOCTITE anaerobic product range, creating a unique brand identity across the globe. The new design features micro-engraving in two textured areas, which gives the new bottle a distinguished look.

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