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Virtual Event
Reducing Downtime: How Software Can Help
February 28, 2023 at 1:00pm ET

Leverage A.I. and predictive analytics toward zero-downtime, zero-defects manufacturing

Speaker: Mo Abuali, Managing Partner, IoTco, LLC

Leverage A.I. and predictive analytics toward zero-downtime, zero-defects manufacturing

Mo Abuali, Managing Partner – IoTco, LLC


A decrease in unplanned downtime or a few percentages of scrap reduction can yield millions of dollars in savings for manufacturers. Does your organization have the necessary organizational and technical maturity to embark on your Industry 4.0 and predictive analytics journey?

This presentation will educate the attendees on the “digital tools of the trade” to realize Industry 4.0 in a systematic approach, with focus on the business case ROI, real time connectivity, and predictive AI-enabled technologies for Maintenance 4.0 and Quality 4.0.

Key Takeaways:
·          Act now, demonstrate leadership, build the business case for Industry 4.0 and Predictive Analytics, and get started.
·          Data first! Digitalization is from the past; predictive analytics and artificial intelligence is the future.
·          Industry 4.0 is all about process, technology, and people. Empower your maintenance and quality personnel with predictive and prescriptive insights.
·          A systematic approach to “Think Big, Start Small, and Gain ROI with AI”


Dr. Mo Abuali is the CEO and Managing Partner at IoTco, the internet of things company. He is a strategic and transformative technology and business management leader with 23-year record of achievement driving and sustaining change in Manufacturing. Mo serves Industrial and Manufacturing Clients in Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, and others, providing Digital Transformation, Industrial IoT (IIoT), and Predictive Analytics technology and services, as well as the IoT Academy for Industry 4.0 Training. Mo has a doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering and has worked with companies like IBM, P&G, Omron, and Toyota.