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Virtual Event
Max Uptime
May 26, 2022 at 1:00pm ET

3:25pm - 4:00pm
Best Practices for Improving Uptime in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Speaker: Jim Neawedde, Food & Beverage Segment Manager, Motion Division - Drives Business, ABB

Many things play into maximizing uptime in a food and beverage facility. Running lean has understandably become the mantra of most manufacturers. Gone are the days when facilities had full staff onsite to manage equipment. Food and beverage facilities are no different. It makes sense. The focus needs to be on the core competency of producing quality products. As food and beverage plants become more and more automated, ensuring that processes are efficient, maintained, and repaired when needed is imperative.

Learn how the system design impacts uptime, how energy efficiency plays a role, how you can make improvements, and what tools and resources can help you create efficiencies that drive uptime. Let’s walk through best practices that lead to success.


Jim Neawedde, Food & Beverage Segment Manager, Motion Division – Drives Business, ABB.

Jim has worked with manufacturing customers for over 30 years transforming data-driven automation concepts into sustainable business solutions.  As ABB’s Food and Beverage segment lead, Jim leverages his expertise in IIoT, manufacturing execution systems (MES), predictive maintenance, and safety to deliver highly effective automation solutions that increase productivity and profitability.

Jim’s goal is to help food and beverage manufacturers move at the speed of consumer demand by understanding the things that get in the way of productivity and knowing how to alleviate them.