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Wireless headset-to-headset communication system features DECT6 technology

May 15, 2015
By Staff

DECT6 technology is now available in Special Electronics & Designs (SED) Inc.’s industry recognized communications headsets, designed specifically for high-noise and challenging working environments. These versatile headsets are lightweight, exceptionally clear and comfortable for all-day wear. Create groups of up to five users for independent, secure workgroup communications. A variety of application-specific headsets are available.

Features include SED’s Cygnus Wireless Platform, Full Duplex configuration, volume control, flexible noise cancelling electret boom microphone, hearing protection, 800-m line-of-sight range, 10 hours of continuous use and superior headset construction. No base station is required as this is a stand-alone system.

For more information on the new Wireless Headset-to-Headset communication system, contact Special Electronics & Designs Inc. or RESCOM Sales Inc. at 1-800-665-2740 or 519-396-8555.Dect 6 headset