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Winco stainless steel adjusting screws

Maryam Farag   

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Photo: Winco.

Winco GN 827 stainless-steel adjusting screw is intended for use with bearing blocks GN 828. The mechanisms are moved into or out of position using an adjusting screw with rotating knob and hexagon socket fitted with a scale with 0.1 millimetre graduations.

The stainless-steel adjusting screws are available in a variety of thread diameters and lengths, and can be fastened to the production machine in combination with bearing blocks GN 828.

Once the right setting has been found, the adjusting screw can be locked in place with a stainless-steel knurled nut GN 827.1.

They are available with a female thread matching the adjusting screw, or a receiving groove that provides axial support for the adjusting screw. Also, the receiving groove has a laser-engraved reference line for adjusting the device.



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