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Winco bull’s eye and screw-on spirit levels expansion

Maryam Farag   

Industry Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing product

Photo: Winco.

Winco expanded its existing selection of bull’s eye and screw-on spirit levels with two new models: cross spirit levels GN 2276 and screw-on spirit levels GN 2283.

The cross spirit levels GN 2276 combine two perpendicular linear levels within a single, round aluminum housing. There is one version with a flat underside for direct installation and a second version with an alignment ball on the bottom side for adjustment. The second type, designated “JV,” allows the spirit level to be adjusted using the three installation screws to set a zero-point adapted to the specific situation with a variance of +/- 2 degrees.

Screw-on spirit levels GN 2282 is available as a directly mountable, flat version “AV” and as an adjustable version “JV” with an alignment cam on the bottom.

Both are available in two sensitivity ratings: two millimetres of bubble movement correspond to either six or 50 minutes of arc.



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