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What’s new… (September 01, 2000)

Laundry additive helps get rid of tough smellsA laundry additive that eliminates lingering odours from washable fabrics has been introduced by Procter & Gamble. Febreze Clean Wash gets rid of the hard...

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Laundry additive helps get rid of tough smells

A laundry additive that eliminates lingering odours from washable fabrics has been introduced by Procter & Gamble. Febreze Clean Wash gets rid of the hard-to-remove smells such as grease, fuel, motor oil, sweat and body odour and mould or mildew brought home on the clothes of construction workers, mechanics, food processors, sanitation engineers, etc., rather than just covering them up with perfume. It works in the washing machine hand in hand with existing products such as detergent and fabric softeners and is safe to use on virtually all washable items.

Procter & Gamble

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Self-aligning composite bearing is new

Rexnord’s Bearing Division has introduced a self-aligning spherical bearing designed for use in linear motion and full rotation applications. These Duralon bearings are manufactured with a woven Teflon fabric liner backed by a rugged casing of filament-wound glass fibre and epoxy resin. The outer race is made of 17-4PH stainless steel. Capable of handling dynamic loads up to 30,000 psi in pivoting, they are available in sizes from 1/4-in. I.D. to 1-in. I.D., and are interchangeable with standard self-aligning metallic spherical bearings.


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Tool analyzes ControlNet networks

The Allen-Bradley ControlNet NetChecker is a pocket-sized tool used to verify the integrity of an active ControlNet installation. Analyzing network traffic and voltage, this tool provides easy-to-use diagnostic information that simplifies network troubleshooting and maintenance for plant-floor personnel. If a potential problem exists, audio and visual signals alert factory workers, preventing costly downtime and increasing efficiency. Also provided is a digital oscilloscope output for advanced diagnostics. Voltage levels for the entire network, as well as for each specific node, can be surveyed. The tool does not require a node address and does not interfere with communication on the network. As a result, it can be permanently attached to the ControlNet cable for constant monitoring.

Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley

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Non-absorbent dike confines liquid spills on rough surfaces

The Spillblocker rough surface dike from New Pig helps customers block, divert and contain liquid spills on virtually any rough surface. Made of polyurethane, this disposable, non-absorbing barrier has a super-tacky bottom strip that forms a tight seal with rough surfaces such as uneven pavement, blacktop and brushed concrete to keep spills from spreading after containment. It stands 2 1/4-in. high, and is a highly visible bright yellow. Once spill response has been completed, the lightweight dike can be easily removed with a flat-blade shovel and discarded.

New Pig

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Cutter is for square-shoulder milling

Seco Tools Canada has announced the availability of Super Turbo, the latest addition to its TurboMill family of milling cutters. This cutter, a bigger, stronger and faster cutter than the Micro Turbo, is well-suited for medium-range square-shoulder milling applications. It offers solutions for slotting, contouring, ramping, pocket milling and plunge milling, as well as helical and circular interpolation. Advantages include low power consumption, long tool life and economical production.

Seco Tools Canada

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Prices reduced on distributed I/O products

VME Microsystems International has reduced prices on its IOMax line of DIN rail-mountable distributed I/O products by as much as 25%. The line represents more than 50 I/O modules, including 37 digital and 20 analogue, as well as high-speed counter/PWMs. The wide selection of modules allows for per-node densities of four to 256 points. The line offers multiple field wiring options, including barrier, box, connector and spring-clamp, and supports two-, three- and four-wire devices.


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Parallel shaft gearmotor is added to inverter-duty line

Bodine Electric’s Pacesetter parallel shaft AC gearmotors are designed for extended life in inverter-driven applications, offering the versatility of adjustable speed. These compact, fractional-horsepower units offer high torque output in such applications as conveyors, factory automation, packaging equipment and other types of specialty machinery. They are maintenance free and eliminate the costly downtime associated with the brush replacement of brushed DC motors. Nine models are available in two frame sizes from 1/6 hp to 3/8 hp.

Bodine Electric

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Compact controller is packed with features

Designed for functionality, the Jackrabbit high-performance, single-board controller from Z-World is stocked with I/O, memory and communication ports. Features include C-programmability, 29.5-MHz microprocessor, 24 general-purpose CMOS level I/O, four high-power outlets, two RS-232 ports and one RS-485 port, 256-Kb flash memory and battery-backed 128-Kb SRAM memory. Measuring a compact 2.5 in. by 3.5 in., the computer can be used for embedded control. Its low price and high functionality make it suitable for machine control and for applications that typically call for a Basic Stamp or Pic controller. A complete development kit is available.

Electromate Industrial Sales

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Multi-network motor control centre is economical

Schneider Electric’s Square D OMNI (Open Multi-Network Integration) motor control centre offers flexible networking solutions that can be tailored to customers’ specific applications. This economical unit supports most of the leading network protocols, including Modbus Plus, Profibus, DeviceNet and Ethernet. Three models are offered, a basic pre-wired motor control centre, a flex control bus MCC, featuring a multi-network cabling system that replaces traditional hard-wiring, and an enhanced solution control centre, which features multi-network connectivity at each device.

Schneider Electric

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Backings are for high- precision timing belts

BrecoFlex offers a wide selection of belt backing materials which are chemically bonded to the back of high-precision timing belts, assuring a strong, high-performing bond to the polyurethane belt material. Belt backing materials include natural rubber, PVC, polyurethane, polyurethane foam and open cell urethane. Applications include general conveying, diagonal/incline movements, conveying of abrasive materials, vacuum applications, paper product transfer and transportation of bulk material.


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Range of pneumatic tools is wide

Reid Tool Supply’s extensive range of pneumatic tools and accessories includes over 50 types of air guns, including blind hole guns, vacuum guns and guns that reach up to 4 ft. Also available are many types of nozzles, manifolds in both aluminum and nylon, various types of air tools, hoses, couplings, fittings, mufflers, filters, regulators, lubricators, cylinders, counters, pressure gauges, valves and more. Items include such brands as Coilhose Pneumatics, Guardair, SMC, Parker, Air Turbine and Wika. A free catalogue containing specifications and pricing is available.

Reid Tool Supply

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Disconnect switch line has CSA approval

Ferraz Shawmut has expanded its product offering to include the low-voltage Socomec disconnect switch family, a line which features a comprehensive range of quality, low-voltage industrial switching and protection components. The product family includes both fusible and non-fusible switches rated 600 V, ranging from 16 A to 1,200 A. All products are UL and CSA approved. In addition, the switch family spans a wide range of IEC switches.

Ferraz Shawmut

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Variable speed motor runs

The fully-integrated variable speed motor (VSM), part of Invensys Brook Crompton’s W motor product range, is available in both NEMA and IEC sizes and power supplies. This easily installed line features 3,600/3,000 rpm and 1,800/1,500 rpm ratings between 0.75 hp and 10 hp. Suitable for variable and constant torque applications, including pumps, fans, conveyors, centrifuges and automated production lines, the robust, efficient, low-noise motor meets EFF 1 specifications, the highest standard of the new European Electric Motor Efficiency agreement.

Invensys Brook Crompton

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Bolt-type connectors are for heavy-duty use

High-current, bolt-type, panel/plate-mountable, feed-through and junction block connectors are available from 1ohm Corp. Made in Canada, these rugged connectors are easy to use, as no mating connectors are required. Model variations include 1/4-in. to 1/2-in. bolts, up to 400 A and 1,500 V operation, providing low-resistance connections. Suitable applications are high-current AC/DC circuits, power supplies, load banks, computer power systems, transformers and bus supplies.


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Air motor catalogue describes new models

Gast has released a new version of its air motor catalogue, which includes the company’s non-lubricated air motors in addition to the lubricated styles. New models with choices of muffler options also have been added, along with new information on accessories for the complete air motor line. The motors range up to 7.1 kW (9.5 hp).


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Analyzer helps keep industrial oil fit for use

The Model 5200 Trivector industrial oil analyzer from Computational Systems Inc. (CSI) combines into one piece of equipment a range of tests that cover oil chemistry, machine wear and system contamination. This easy-to-use, multi-functional unit is able to identify most of the lubricant-related problems for gears, pumps, compressors, turbines, engines, hydraulics and process machinery. It can be used with both mineral and synthetic oils. In addition, it can detect and analyze the wide size ranges for wear and contaminant particles that are found in troubled machinery. Testing functions are controlled by buttons and a valve on the face of the instrument and PC software. Performing the complete sequence of tests takes about 8 mins.


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Air-powered saw cuts through heavy-duty tanks

The APS-438 air-powered saw and Flextrack flexible track-mounting system from Esco Tool permits perfectly square cuts on large tanks, pipes and vessels with a minimum 3.5-ft radius and walls up to 4-in. thick. Capable of cutting steel-plate and concrete-lined tanks, the rugged saw mounts securely on a trolley, which holds on to the flexible track by four V-grooved steel wheels. The flexible track comes in standard 6-ft sections, which can be joined together and attached by tack welds. After cutting, no further re-work is necessary and the track can be removed easily and re-used indefinitely.

Esco Tool

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Multi-featured pump won’t clog

Weir-Enviro-Tech’s screw/centrifugal impeller combines the clog-free features of a vortex pump with the gentle action of a screw pump and maintains the efficiency of a centrifugal pump. Its large, continuous, open channel is suited for handling large, soft solids such as paper stock, pulp, wood chips, bark, heavy sludges and mill waste of the pulp and paper industry. The pump is marketed under the Wemco-Hidrostal brand name.

Peacock, Weir-Enviro-Tech Div.

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Bearing heater stands up to rigours of shop floor

SDT Diagnostic Technologies has released the Repair-Man bearing induction heater. Mounting bearings or other concentric parts must be done quickly, without stressing the component, to ensure proper installation and long machine life. This lightweight yet rugged bearing heater expands the inner diameter quickly and evenly while consuming little power. Four models are available, each featuring a digital timer, over-heating check circuit, auto-demagnetization, half-power option and temperature hold function.

SDT Diagnostic Technologies

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Brochure describes backstop family

A four-colour product guide, outlining the family of True Hold backstops, is available from Falk. Offering product cut-away illustrations, application photographs and schematics, the free brochure overviews the product line, designed for use where materials need to be moved up steep grades, including inclined conveyors and bucket elevators for mining, grain, cement and aggregate applications.


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Horizontal drum stacking system meets EPA requirements

Can-Ross Environmental Services has introduced the Eagle horizontal drum stacking system, designed to keep work areas free from environmental contamination. The system consists of drum cradles that interlock into spill pallets for stable drum storage. The easily-attachable shelf allows more than one container to be filled at a time. Transportable by fork lift, the polyethylene stackers permit doubling of floor space. Used in combination with Eagle’s spill containment platforms, this stacking system meets EPA secondary containment storage requirements.


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Radial bristle discs are for tough cleaning in tight places

Small, yet sturdy, radial bristle discs are a new abrasive product from 3M. These 1-in. diameter bristle discs, stacked together on a mandrel using a 1/8-in. screw, can tackle tough metal deburring, cleaning and finishing requirements in hard-to-reach places. The discs are designed with abrasive-filled, non-gumming bristles that apply a continuous, fresh supply of mineral without damaging underlying surfaces. The flexible units conform to the contours of the workpiece where intricate designs, tubes or corners make finishing, cleaning and deburring difficult. Suitable replacements for hand files, wire brushes, hand scrapers and grinding discs, they eliminate the dangers of flying metal wires posed by wire brushes and can also replace chemical use in some applications. Four grades are available.


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Brochure features machine tool spindle drive gearboxes

A four-colour technical brochure from Andantex highlights its two-speed machine tool spindle drive gearboxes. Included in the six-page publication are the built-in RAM-MSD and the MSD two-speed gearboxes. The former provides high torque at low speed and mounts in line between the water-cooled motor and the spindle inside the machine tool’s ram. The latter is designed to fit into the bore of the machine tool ram and share the motor coolant supply. The brochure illustrates performance and design features, technical characteristics and design benefits.


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Boiler tube end prep tool has sealed construction

A right-angle drive I.D. clamping end prep tool that features completely sealed construction is suitable for servicing a “Dutchman window” in any orientation. The Esco Tube Weasel Millhog tool features a self-centring system that rigidly clamps the mandrel into the tube and is totally sealed to prevent debris from entering the gear casing and damaging internal components. It requires only 3 in. of radial clearance to produce clean end preps, and handles tubes from 3/4-in. I.D. to 3-in. O.D. Supplied as a kit, the tool is powered by a 2/3-hp pneumatic motor and weighs only 18 lb.

Esco Tool

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Lube eases pulling of cable through conduit

STS Easy Pull Plus lubricant is a combination of water-based lubricants and Teflon that enables smooth cable and wire movement through conduit. The compound lubricates long after the initial pull to reduce strain on conduit couplings and connec
tors. Available in 1-qt, 1-gal., 5-gal. and 55-gal. containers, this non-staining lubricant will not damage wire jacketing or conduit. It is suited for operations ranging from utility work to industrial site applications.


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