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Upgraded die grinder boosts productivity

December 1, 2010
By MRO Magazine

Upgraded die grinder boosts productivity

Dotco 12LF and 10LF series die grinders from Cooper Tools feature an increase from 0.3 hp to 0.4 hp, delivering an improvement of up to 20% higher working speeds than existing Dotco models. In addition, the grinders feature an improved design that does not require a shim kit after disassembly, simplifying maintenance and minimizing downtime. They are available with rated speeds of 12,000 rpm or 20,000 rpm using either 9 cfm or 11 cfm of air at 90 psi. The 10LF series has a rugged aluminum body, while the 12LF series features a dual-material composite body with cushioned areas.

Cooper Tools

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Durable hammer offers operator comfort

DeWalt has introduced a line of heavy-duty SDS rotary hammers that feature Shocks-Active Vibration Control and have been designed for performance, durability and comfort. The D25223K D-handle and D25323K L-shape 1-in. rotary hammers feature a shock-mounted rear handle system for reduced vibration and increased comfort and productivity. The L-shape models, D25323K and D25324K, are compatible with the D25300DH dust extraction system. The hammers feature an 8-A motor that delivers 0 rpm to 1,150 rpm, 0 bpm to 4,300 bpm and a large hammering mechanism that generates 2.5 ft/lb of impact energy.


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Ratchet helps in safe scaffolding installation

Designed for the safe installation of scaffolding, the WrightGrip SB ratchet, model no. 4488, is an all-inclusive tool featuring a 1/2-in. drive, 7/8-in. open-head ratchet, a replaceable hammer on the other side of the ratchet available with inserts in brass or steel, and a 7/8-in. open-end wrench on the end of the handle. The open-head ratchet fits in narrow spaces and is interchangeable with a 2-in. deep socket for final tightening on smaller scaffold diameters. A lanyard ring allows the tool to be tied off to the scaffold builder. The ring can slide up and down the handle to keep the lanyard out of the way while the user works with either end of the tool.

Wright Tool

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Cordless power tool line resists dust and water

The Tough IP cordless power tools from Panasonic Canada feature dust-and water-resistant technology recognized under IEC international standards. Each of the tools underwent dust and water resistance testing by the IEC, which awarded them a rating of IP56. The line includes 13 cordless power tools, including a range of drills and drivers, impact driver and wrench, jig saw, circular saw and a grinder. Also included is a selection of custom combination kits to suit a number of applications. The GuardIon system monitors each battery cell during battery charging and during tool use to prevent over-discharging and overheating of the battery pack.

Panasonic Canada

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Hand tool line is versatile

Milwaukee’s line of hand tools includes an 11-in-1 screwdriver that features an ECX bit and hardened tips. The ECX bit prevents bit wear from hardened screws and extends bit life when fastening specialty screws. Also available is an eight-piece screwdriver set, model 48-22-2008. The folding jab saw, model 48-22-0305, features a blade that folds into the handle for easy storage and accepts all standard-size recip saw blades. The compact hack saw, model 48-22-0012, suitable for cutting in tight spaces or making flush cuts, features a tool-free, fast blade change. In addition, the PVC/ABS saw, model 48-22-0223, also has a tool-free blade change, and has a metal core for durability.

Milwaukee Electric Tool

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Training CD instructs workers in safe use of grinders

Abrasive wheel grinders can cause serious accidents when they are not adjusted correctly or used improperly. To help workers stay safe, Man-Comm has released the Grinder Safety Training CD. This CD can help workers improve safety and minimize risk by focusing on a personal protection system for pedestal and bench grinders. Topics covered include personal protective equipment, grinder and grinding wheel rpm compatibility, ring tests, grinding wheel installation, guard adjustment and aluminum oxide grinding wheels. The CD is part of the company’s Safety Interactive Training Experience product line and actively engages trainees in user-based interactions. A grinder safety awareness quiz is included.


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Locking chain plier features extra-long, replaceable chains

Strong Hand Tools has designed a locking chain plier with an extra-long chain for greater holding capacity. It comes standard with a 24-in. chain, which can be removed from the plier and replaced with a series of six chains, measuring from 16 in. to 78 in. in length, which are sold separately. Each chain has a fishtail end for quick, easy-in, easy-out assembly. A chain retainer on the plier jaws holds the chain in position during work setup, while a quick-turn crank handle makes it easy to adjust the opening and the torque. An optional mounting base is available for mounting the plier on a table.

Strong Hand Tools

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Straight and smooth jaw pliers enhance tool line

Irwin Tools has added two jaw configurations to its line of Vise-Grip GrooveLock pliers. Suitable for maintenance and repair professionals, plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics, the new designs include smooth jaws and straight jaws that feature the company’s press-and-slide-button technology, a feature that provides for fast lower jaw adjustment. The smooth jaw pliers are designed for use on fittings that could be damaged, such as chrome plumbing fittings. Straight jaw pliers have teeth positioned at right angles to provide maximum hold in all directions, and also are for use on square nuts and bolts. Lengths range from 6 in. to 20 in., and jaw capacity sizes range from 1-1/8 in. to 6 in.

Irwin Tools

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Micro drill offers high performance and long tool life

Seco has launched the solid carbide high-per formance micro drill, designed for small part production in the automotive, engineering and medical industries. The model SD22 is a pilot hole drill that can achieve depths of two times its diameter. The model SD26 drill, designed for either two-step or direct drilling, can reach depths of up to six times its diameter. Both styles come in diameters of 0.1 mm to 2 mm, are uncoated and feature a 130-degree point. These durable drills are suited for hole-making in high-strength steels and superalloys such as titanium.

Seco Tools Canada

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