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Electronic contactor replaces mechanical units

December 1, 2010
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Electronic contactor replaces mechanical units

A durable line of three-phase solid state contactors and reversing contactors capable of handling high-frequency switching has been introduced by Carlo Gavazzi. Including two-and three-phase switching versions, the REC series comprises a three-pole non-reversing version with three switched phases or a three-pole non-reversing and reversing version with two switched phases, both up to 5 hp and 480 VAC. The REC2 and REC3 provide direct starting of three-phase motors, while the REC2R offers direct starting and reversing of three-phase motors. The relay switches instantaneously upon application of the control voltage to emulate mechanical relay operation, and is mechanically compatible with the company’s CGT-22 line of bimetallic overload modules. It can be DIN rail and panel mounted.

Carlo Gavazzi

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Instrumentation & control catalogue comes in hard copy or pdf

Dwyer Instruments has introduced its 2011 instrumentation and control catalogue, featuring over 60 new products. Comprising 600 pages, the catalogue is convenient and easy to use and contains all the information needed to make a purchasing decision, including pricing, applications, product dimensions, specifications and more. Instruments for measuring, transmitting or controlling pressure, flow, air velocity, level, temperature and humidity are described in detail. Also available is the digital catalogue on CD with interactive features that include keyword search, notes addition, page print and page save in pdf format.

Dwyer Instruments

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Electrical insulation protects roller bearing against damage

NKE’s SQ77 electrically insulated rolling bearings feature a built-in electrical insulation, which provides reliable protection against current discharge and the resulting electrical corrosion. The bearings are available in three versions: the SQ77, which has an oxide ceramic insulation layer on the outer ring, the SQ77E with an insulation layer on the inner ring, and the SQ77B hybrid bearing, which features ceramic rolling elements with theoretically infinite insulation resistance. Applications include electric motors, generators and other electrical machines.


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Buffer module protects against voltage fluctuations

The MB Cap Ultra from Murrelektronik is a buffer module that protects production processes and installations against voltage fluctuations. Capable of integration into new and existing power supply systems, it stores energy and bridge voltage fluctuations from up to 38 sec. at 10 A load or up to 6 min. at 1 A load. The module can communicate with the control or with a PLC/PC connected to the system via signal contacts or a USB interface, allowing a controlled reaction to changes in the operating mode. Integrated ultra capacitors allow maintenance-free operation.


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Joystick is built to withstand the rigours of the workplace

APEM Components has announced the release of the 8000 series switch-based joystick. This rugged joystick operates using snap-acting switch technology, offering one-or two-axis control with single-step or progressive switching. Supplied with 150-mm long, twisted wires with tinned ends, it is self-centring and requires a force of 1.3 N to move from centre. It is sealed to IP65 above the panel and can be drop-in mounted or assembled from behind the panel. Typical applications include camera controls, quality control equipment and medical equipment, and wireless controls for cranes, heavy machinery and various field operations.

APEM Components

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