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What’s new… (December 01, 2010)

Shaft tolerance codes are reclassified for customer convenience

December 1, 2010
By MRO Magazine

Shaft tolerance codes are reclassified for customer convenience

In order to simplify the ordering process for its customers, Lee Linear has reclassified the tolerance codes for its case hardened linear shafting. Customers can specify the shafting by the different codes based upon the bearing use. Class S shafts accommodate A-type linear ball bearings; needle roller bearings should be used with Class N shafts; for die set bearings customers should specify Class D shaft-easy-ing; and open and adjustable linear ball bearings and pillow blocks are best used with Class L shafting. ISO precision shafting also can be provided.

Lee Linear

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Coolant recycling ROI calculator estimates savings

PRAB’s Fluid Filtration Division has released a return on investment calculator for its Guardian coolant recycling system. The to-use, on-line calculator allows operations managers for machining and grinding applications to estimate initial payback and long-term savings of the system. The payback is based on the user’s inputted costs related to labour, coolant purchases and disposal, as well as tooling savings. This coolant recycling system cuts coolant waste disposal costs up to 90% and the need to buy coolant up to 75%. With process capacities up to 5,678 l (1,500 gal) per hour, the system also extends tool life an additional 25%.


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Non-messy threadlocker tape can be carried in a pocket

Henkel has introduced Loctite QuickTape 249 threadlocker tape. This medium-strength, dry-to-the-touch anaerobic threadlocker is packaged in a convenient 260-in. roll for easy portability in a pocket or toolbox. It can be pre-applied to fasteners for future assembly. Removable with hand tools and similar to liquid and stick threadlockers, the tape product fixtures in just 30 minutes and full cure is achieved in 24 hours. Operating temperatures range from minus 65F to plus 300F, and the shelf life is two years.


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Apparel line offers maximum welder protection

Originally developed for military applications, Miller’s WeldX fabric combines the lightweight and breathability benefits of cotton with good spatter and flame resistance to protect welders from the hazards of heavy-duty welding. The fabric consists of a blend of oxidized acrylic fibres and strengthening fibres treated with a compound that allows the material to shed spatter and sparks. It is considerably lighter than most leathers, and also is lighter than many flame-resistant cotton garments. Laundering will not degrade its flame resistance over time. Garments made of this fabric are available as jackets, sleeves, cape sleeves, bibs and aprons to meet a variety of applications.

Miller Electric

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Absorbent is safe to use in hazardous locations

Designed to pick up viscous products including both alkyd and latex paints, Enviro Dri Universal absorbent from Can-Ross is a perlite base granular product that will absorb most acids and bases. In addition, it will suppress vapour and can be used to extinguish/smother magnesium fires. The product is non-WHMIS-controlled, passes the TCLP in accordance with Ontario Regulation 558 and is nonflammable per class 4, Div 4.1 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. It is available in a 5-gal pail with a handy dispenser cup and 1-gal shaker jugs.

Can-Ross Environmental Services

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