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What’s new… (June 01, 2002)

Helical-bevel gear products offer increased gearbox capacityNord Gear has released the 90.1 series of helical-bevel gear products, featuring a redesign that provides a torque increase in almost all ca...

June 1, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Helical-bevel gear products offer increased gearbox capacity

Nord Gear has released the 90.1 series of helical-bevel gear products, featuring a redesign that provides a torque increase in almost all case sizes and ratios. The increased capacity is a result of improved gear-tooth geometry, gear finishing and gear materials, as well as reinforced shafts and support bearings. Additional benefits include higher service factors, longer service life and reduced costs to achieve equivalent outputs. All models in the series are available as triple- or quadruple-reduction drives and in foot, flange or shaft mount configurations. Power range is from 1/6 hp to 200 hp and output speeds range from 0.1 rpm to 218 rpm. The mechanical dimensions are identical to those of the 90 series. Ten basic sizes are offered.

Nord Gear

Long-lasting lubricant cuts maintenance costs


Dow Corning has added 42 new fluids, marketed under the Molykote trade name, to its line of industrial lubricants. The line comprises synthetic fluids and ultra-high-purity (UHP) mineral oils formulated to save maintenance costs by reducing lubricant consumption, permitting longer drain intervals and extending equipment life. The extended drain interval is possible due to anti-oxidant additives and a manufacturing process that eliminates impurities. Consisting of polyalpha olefin (PAO) oils, PAO blends with UHP mineral oils and neat UHP mineral oils, the oils perform under heavy loads, frequent startups and applications with high mechanical shock, and resist emulsification. The fluids are designed for use in worm, helical, spur, bevel, hypoid, and rack and pinion gears in maintenance and repair operations such as chemical/petrochemical processing, automotive manufacturing, power generation, and wet processing environments including the pulp and paper and food processing industries. The Molykote line is part of the company’s Total Industrial Lubrication Consolidation program, which also includes Dow Corning greases, pastes, anti-friction coatings and dispersions, an oil analysis service and lubrication management software.

Dow Corning

Software offers bolted joint fatigue/stress analysis

BoltFast is a bolted joint analysis software package that aids in determining the fatigue endurance limit of a thread, the amount of embedding anticipated in the joint and the optimal tightening torque for given friction conditions. This Microsoft Windows-based program allows an engineer to evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios on a bolted joint that otherwise would only be determined after extensive analysis and testing. The package comprises a joint analysis program, a thread analysis program and a torque analysis program.

Sensor Products

Vibration analysis system is user-friendly

The Vb series of portable vibration measurement instruments comprises three products. Each includes the capability to measure and display velocity, acceleration and displacement, as well as an accelerometer, 8-Mb standard internal memory and MAS vibration analysis software. This affordable equipment is easy to install and use.

National Electrical Carbon

Slewing ring bearings range up to 20 ft

Avon Bearings has recently added a new addition to its Avon, OH, facility with capabilities allowing slewing ring bearings from 8 in. (203 mm) up to 240 in. (6096 mm) to be manufactured or remanufactured. Common applications for the extra-large slewing rings include mining shovels, stacker-reclaimers, tunnel boring machines, ship unloaders, buoys, ladles turrets, satellites, gantry cranes, dockside cranes, and offshore cranes.

Avon Bearings

Low-ash natural gas engine oil suits extreme applications

Petro-Canada’s Sentinel 470 is a super premium natural gas engine oil formulated for the lubrication of severe- service, low-emission engines specifically designed to operate on natural gas. The oil’s resistance to breakdown caused by oxidation and nitration reduces maintenance and operating costs by extending engine life and lengthening oil change intervals. By keeping engine parts free of sludge and varnish, the product keeps engines well lubricated and maximizes the time between major engine overhauls. It meets the main levels of sulphated ash required by gas engine manufacturers including Caterpillar and Waukesha.


High-strength epoxies protect equipment from abrasion

Devcon Wear Guard epoxies are bead-filled, wear-resistant coatings and linings that extend the service life and simplify maintenance of processing equipment. Curing rapidly at room temperature, these compounds are suitable for such equipment as exhausters, pulverisers, ash handling systems, cyclones, pipe elbows, fans and housings, chutes, screw conveyors, slurry pumps, pneumatic conveying equipment, and many other applications in mining and other high-abrasion industries. Products include Wear Guard High Load and Fine Load alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy putties, Wear Guard High Temp (up to 450F) putty, Combo Wear FC putty featuring two bead sizes plus silicon carbide, Backing Compound and High-Performance Backing Compound high-strength epoxy liquids, and Tile Adhesive putty for bonding ceramic tile to vertical, curved and overhead surfaces or for repairing loose tiles.


Power transducer line expands

MTech has expanded its power measurement line with the addition of four multi-function models, M5500, M5600, M8100 and M8200. These new products are complete single- or triple-phase transducers featuring an extensive range of functions and measuring from five to 26 parameters, depending on model. They all incorporate communications via either RS232 or RS485. The RS485 enables remote reading and programming of up to 32 units on a two-wire bus using Modbus protocol, allowing them to be used with a PLC, PC, RTU, data logger, SCADA and other distributed monitoring and control systems. Applications include distribution feeders, high-, medium- and low-voltage switchgear, generating sets, control panels, process control, UPS systems and power management systems. Power parameters measured include voltage, current, demand, power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy and more.

TechniCal Systems

On-line power factor monitor helps maintenance

The PF Live modular, on-line power factor monitoring system from AVO International is designed to perform insulation power factor measurements on bushings of power transformers, current transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical apparatus. Tests are carried out in less than five minutes with no outages and at rated voltage with no input requirements. Installation takes less than 30 minutes. The system’s modular approach was developed to combine low cost and low maintenance with the ability to upgrade from a basic testing system to a continuous monitoring system. Measurement data, which can be stored on a laptop computer or exported to a master database, can be used for trending and analysis purposes.

AVO International