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What’s new… (November 01, 2001)

Compressed air can't leak from this system drainThe Balston Zero Air Loss drain conserves compressed air energy by expelling only oil/water condensate from the compressed air system. As condensate col...

November 1, 2001
By MRO Magazine

Compressed air can’t leak from this system drain

The Balston Zero Air Loss drain conserves compressed air energy by expelling only oil/water condensate from the compressed air system. As condensate collects in the internal sump, a diaphragm is held closed by the system pressure. When the liquid level sensor detects an accumulation of condensate, an electromagnet is activated, relieving the system pressure above the diaphragm. As the condensate level decreases, system pressure is re-introduced above the diaphragm, closing off the flow of condensate before compressed air can escape. Suitable for use on all filters and dryers, the unit can accept power supplies of 24 V to 230 V.


Reader Service Card No. 420

Putty adds life to worn surfaces

Fixmaster wear-resistant putty from Loctite is recommended for protecting, renewing and repairing worn surfaces on parts and equipment. Ceramic fibres in the trowelable putty give it good durability, making it suitable for protecting equipment exposed to wear, corrosion and cavitation. The putty can provide tough, smooth, low-friction finishes on pipes, pumps, butterfly valves, turbine blades and tanks. Curing to a functional strength takes six hours, and when fully cured the putty provides a compressive strength of 11,600 psi and a tensile strength of 4,900 psi. It can be drilled, tapped and machined.


Reader Service Card No. 419

Tool catalogue details thousands of products

Snap-on’s latest product catalogue, featuring more than 16,000 items, is available in Canada. Designated Catalogue 600, this comprehensive guide provides information on the full line of power tools, including the CT3450 14.4-V cordless impact wrench, the CDR3450 14.4-V cordless drill/driver and the PT280THUG Crud Thug remove-all tool, an air-powered surface-prep tool that removes rust, paint and decals without surface damage. Also included is the KRA5000 series of high-value-tool storage units. The KRA5012 locker add-on unit, a four-drawer, three-shelf item, adds extra space to KRA5000, KRA4000 and KRA3000 series roll cab and top chest combination units, turning standard tool storage combinations into personalized workstations. A colour-coded quick-reference index helps users find tools and equipment easily and quickly.


Reader Service Card No. 418

Cover keeps spills out of drains

In the event of a spill or as prevention, the Pig Round Drainblocker, a urethane drain cover for sealing off larger round drains, is a cost-effective way to keep pollutants from escaping through drains, grates or manholes. The durable top urethane layer enables the product to be used repeatedly without degrading or tearing. The top layer is bright safety yellow for visibility, while the bottom layer is grime-hiding black. The 20-in. round cover is suitable for round drains up to 15 in. in diameter.

New Pig

Reader Service Card No. 422

Linear motion components offer flexibility

Lintech’s linear motion components deliver mounting flexibility, long travel length and high load capacity within a wide range of configurations. Single and twin rail shaft guides, carriage assemblies and ball bushings can deliver up to 192 in. of travel and 18,800 lb payload. System designers can purchase components separately or as a pre-engineered solution. A wide variety of mounting holes, special finishes and materials is available.


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Tank washer can fit through small tank opening

The AA190 tank washer from John Brooks Company is designed for cleaning medium to large tanks up to 10.4 m (34 ft) in diameter. Available with a variable speed air or electric motor (including an explosion-proof design), the tank washer features a rotating spray head that fits through a 95-mm (3.75-in.) diameter tank opening. This lightweight, portable unit, weighing just under 35 kg (16 lb), is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, including 316 stainless steel with Teflon fluoropolymer resin seals.

John Brooks Company

Reader Service Card No. 424

Device enables direction shift on conveyor line

One of the biggest challenges with conveying equipment is to achieve a smooth 90-degree shift in product direction between adjacent conveyor lines. Logix Conveyor & Palletizing Systems has introduced the Urethane Belt Transfer (UBT) to meet this challenge. The UBT is a special section of conveyor that has a series of urethane belts nestled between the rollers. When a load arrives, the belts are activated to pop up above the height of the rollers, lifting the load with them. These belts run in the same direction as the receiving conveyor, which runs at 90 degrees. The load automatically shifts sideways, on to the receiving conveyor. The belts also can work in reverse, to accept loads. Loads can be transferred to the left, to the right, or can continue straight ahead.


Reader Service Card No. 425

Seasonal mini-catalogue describes test instruments

KB Electronics’ 32-page, illustrated fall mini-catalogue (valid till Dec. 31, 2001) features a wide variety of test and measurement instrumentation. Included are bench and portable oscilloscopes, DC bench power supplies, digital multimeters, clamp-on meters, insulation testers, tachometers and a broad selection of environmental instruments. The catalogue is available free of charge.

KB Electronics (Oakville)

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Motor control centre integrates hardware, software and communications

In order to improve manufacturing system performance, Rockwell Automation has extended the Allen-Bradley IntelliCenter motor control centre (MCC) offering to include medium-voltage starter and Smart Motor Controller products, giving both low- and medium-voltage MCC users integrated diagnostics, easier maintenance and less downtime. The MCC software communicates with DeviceNet components through factory-installed DeviceNet wiring to provide real-time operating information. Dynamically configured screens show real-time data, trending, component history, wiring diagrams, user manuals and spare parts lists at the touch of a button.

Rockwell Automation

Reader Service Card No. 426

Company offers broad motor line

Rowan Electtronica’s high-slip motor and drive systems from 0.11 kW to 18 kW feature precise tachometric speed control, high torque at low speed, direct proportion between absorbed current and delivered torque, and dynamic braking without external resistance for dissipation. Vectorial inverter and motor systems for asynchronous motors from 0.18 kW to 200 kW offer vacuum impregnated motors, wide speed variation field (ratio 1:2,000) at constant torque and variations from 0 rpm to 1,500 rpm in 20 milliseconds. Soft start static starters from 1.5 kW to 1,500 kW feature current limitation at start, static commands for starting and deceleration and good starting of double polarity motors with double settings.

Dyna Electric Motors

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Electric motor quick-disconnect cuts downtime

Using Power House Tool’s electrical cable quick-disconnect, electric motor servicing now can be accomplished in a few seconds with a simple push and turn motion of the colour-coded cables in order to connect or disconnect any large motor. This time-saving device can be used in such applications as boiler circulating and feed pump motors, vacuum pump motors, primary coolant motors and ball mill drive motors.

Acu Mech Sys

Reader Service Card No. 435

Filtration system reduces volume of spent machine coolants

A filtration system designed to decrease the disposal costs of spent machine coolants has been developed by Tuf Technologies. The WasteCompressor system processes spent machine coolants or mop water into two components, concentrated waste and purified solution. The purified solution is sent to the drain or re-used with typically less than 200 ppm of fats, oil and grease. The volume of waste
requiring disposal through a waste hauler is reduced typically by 70% to 90%. Uniform 500-angstrom-pore-sized ceramic membranes keep membrane fouling to a minimum. A Tuf controller serves as jet feed-pump, system controller and compact plumbing structure.

Tuf Technologies

Reader Service Card No. 431

Explosion-proof brushless servo motor line gains flame-proof certification

API Gettys’ line of SX explosion-proof brushless servomotors has received certification to European CENELEC standards (EN50018, flame-proof). The line already is CE-certified and UL-listed for hazardous location duty (Class 1, Group C and all lower classes and groups). This series is designed for use in high-performance servo applications where vapours, gases or dust form potentially flammable or explosive environments, such as paint spraying, explosives machining, printing, packaging and conveying. Available in four frame sizes, the series features maximum speed to 6,500 rpm and continuous torque ratings from 1.4 Nm (12.5 lb-in.) to 40.5 Nm (360 lb-in.).

Electromate Industrial Sales

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Video inspection system features colour video tool case

The Ridgid/Kollmann SeeSnake video inspection system now is available with a compact tool case that is easy to transport. The video tool case is a colour display, recording and control system that is compatible with all SeeSnake cameras. Sized like a briefcase, it weighs 30 lb. Operation is by AC or DC external power sources, or by a sealed, liquid rechargeable battery. The durable, water-resistant, heavy-duty carrying case is designed to withstand abuse. A 5-in. LCD colour monitor screen provides a high-resolution image, even in direct sunlight, and can be tilted to various angles. An on-board microprocessor provides advanced functionality and control features.

Ridge Tool

Reader Service Card No. 436

Portable vise slides on to clamp, slides off when done

The Quick-Vise is a handy, portable unit featuring a slide-and-lock mounting system and a base that can be mounted wherever the clamp is needed. The vise can be locked on to the base in different places, providing the durability and reliability of stationary vises. At 3.5 lb, the vise is light enough to carry around to jobsites, but sturdy enough for heavy-duty work, withstanding over a quarter-ton of clamping pressure. Rubberized pads offer a tight, non-damaging grip on materials. The pads are removable and reveal grooves at 45, 90 and 180 degrees to hold pipes and other cylindrical objects securely. The vice is made mainly of glass-filled nylon for strength and durability.

American Tool Companies Canada

Reader Service Card No. 434

Energy efficiency brochure contains mini-CD for motor efficiency comparison

Baldor’s 16-page, four-colour brochure on energy efficiency describes how electric motor efficiency is measured, explains premium efficiency and how it pays for itself, shows an exploded view of a Baldor premium efficient Super-E industrial electric motor and describes additional savings with adjustable speed drives. In addition, the brochure contains a glued-in mini-CD-ROM with the company’s Save+ software, which compares the annual operating costs of three different industrial electric motors based on their efficiency ratings and operating cycles, and gives a financial summary of the annual savings and payback in months for each.


Reader Service Card No. 356

Connector design eliminates need for crimping tools

Designed for OEM repair sites and field service applications, Anderson Power Products’ Fuselok connector features a contact that contains pre-measured amounts of solder and flux for fast, easy installation. Each connector kit includes all the components required to create a UL-approved wire connection, including silver-plated copper contacts, a connector housing and a cable strain relief camp. The connectors are available in 175 A and 350 A, 600 V and fit cable sizes from 2 awg up to 4/0 wire sizes. They are inter-mateable with the APP standard line of Multipole connectors.

Anderson Power Products

Reader Service Card No. 357

Oscillating valve has wide range of vibratory uses

Hoerbiger-Origa has introduced a line of oscillating valves. The control valve generates oscillating movements automatically, making it suitable for actions such as shaking, vibrating, cycling, hammering, plunging and feeding. The valve is contained within a compact package and requires no electricity. The operating speed (stroke frequency) of the actuator can be adjusted easily with two throttle valves, located in the exhaust ports of the valve. Applications include air-powered transfer systems for small parts, scrap and chip removal, vibratory conveyor/feeder systems and shaking trays. The valves can be used with rodless air cylinders.

Harold Simmons Industrials

Reader Service Card No. 432

Grid system guards hazardous areas

The Ez-Guard grid system from Banner Engineering, a non-contact safety device that guards dangerous machinery with a dual-microprocessor controlled light grid, is designed for access and perimeter guarding. Requiring only an emitter and a receiver, this economical, self-contained, low-resolution system can guard a 70-m (230-ft) span. Personnel pass through the light grid, at which point the hazardous motion stops and they may safely continue into the guarded area. Output response time is just 24 millisecs. The system guards such machinery as assembly stations, moulding presses and automated production equipment. Applications include packaging, palletizers, roll formers and many types of work cells, including robot cells.

Banner Engineering

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