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What’s new… (April 01, 2001)

Variable speed drive simplifies machine operationSchneider Electric's high-performance Telemecanique Altivar 28 variable speed drive, for use with 0.5-hp to 20-hp standard asynchronous motors, is suit...

Reader Service Card No. 312

Variable speed drive simplifies machine operation

Schneider Electric’s high-performance Telemecanique Altivar 28 variable speed drive, for use with 0.5-hp to 20-hp standard asynchronous motors, is suited to simple applications on basic, repetitive machines, such as are found in fan, pump, compressor, horizontal material handling and packaging applications. This competitively priced product replaces such components as clutches, two-speed motors, gearboxes and pulley reduction units. It reduces motor noise, optimizes the performance of standard asynchronous motors and maximizes energy savings with its flux vector control algorithms, which do not use speed sensors. Its compact, user-friendly, flexible design cuts installation costs and downtime.

Schneider Electric

Reader Service Card No. 302

Scrubber controls storage tank vent emissions

Bionomic Industries’ VentClean system is designed for the scrubbing of storage tank vent emissions caused by tank breathing and filling operations. It can handle single as well as multiple storage tanks with large variations in venting rates, while a low pressure drop design prohibits dangerous over-pressurization in both glass fibre and plastic storage tanks. A standard system handles gas capacities from 0 acfm to 100 acfm (an optional version handles up to 200 acfm) with removal efficiencies over 99%. Two configurations are available: one uses water on a once-through basis and the other incorporates a circulation pump that uses water at a reduced consumption rate, or a chemical reagent such as sodium hydroxide on a recirculated batch basis. Typical applications include removal of acids, alcohols, formaldehyde, amines and almost any other water-soluble contaminants.

Bionomic Industries

Reader Service Card No. 341

Radio-remote control system meets licensed, non-licensed applications

Berlet’s custom-engineered Telemotive 18K series radio-remote control systems offers the choice of a licensed (Industry Canada Part C) or non-licensed (Industry Canada Part K) transmitter on the same basic modular platform. This new modular platform makes configuration and maintenance easier while increasing the quality and operational integrity of the entire system. It can be configured with combinations of both stepped and stepless control, and can be constructed to provide up to 64 programmable outputs to meet any control application. Typical applications include overhead cranes, gantry cranes, construction cranes and maintenance cranes. In addition, the system may be used for locomotives, car spotting, ship loading and shipboard conveyors, furnace doors and automated guided vehicles. Up to four systems can operate on the same radio frequency in the same location without mutual interference.

Berlet Electronics

Reader Service Card No. 308

Bearing induction heater line is designed with safety in mind

Specialized Diagnostic Technologies has added the Betex line of bearing induction heaters to its family of predictive maintenance and reliability tools. Damage to bearings can be avoided when they expand cylindrically by means of heating. Depending on their weight, bearings can be heated up to 120C within seconds, with no loss of prelubrication. The swing-arm construction of the yoke allows the operator to have both hands free to handle the heated workpiece. A full line of portable and stationary heaters is available.

SDT Specialized Diagnostic Technologies

Reader Service Card No. 305

Technical leaflet details synergistic coating for titanium alloys

A technical data sheet from General Magnaplate explains how titanium alloys can be coated using Canadize to increase the metals’ abrasion resistance, wear life and resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. These synergistic coating processes preclude any hydrogen absorption, to which titanium is highly susceptible. The multi-step process combines the advantages of anodizing or hard-coat plating with the controlled infusion of low-friction polymers and dry lubricants. The result is a surface which is superior in performance to both the base metal and the individual components of the coatings, thus alleviating the problems of wear, friction, galling, seizing, moisture and corrosion across a wide range of applications. The leaflet details the product’s technical data and performance characteristics.

General Magnaplate

Reader Service Card No. 307

Cycloidal speed reducer is a smooth operator

Transcyko cycloidal speed reducers operate without vibration and can absorb high shock loads in excess of 500%. Featuring a concentric integral design, these quiet, compact units are available in a wide range of sizes, ratios, input power, mountings and configurations. Ratios are offered starting at 6:1 through 119:1 per stage–through 7569:1 double and 658,503:1 triple reduction. Input horsepower ranges from 1/16 hp to 200 hp, and output torque is in excess of 500,000 in. lb. They are fully compatible with current cycloidal speed reducers on the market.

Hyatt TSC Reducers

Reader Service Card No. 306

Distributed I/O is for hazardous locations

Siemens Industry and Construction Group has announced that it will market in Canada the Simatic ET 200iS intrinsically safe distributed I/O unit, suitable for hazardous areas (Zone 1 or 2). Advantages include low installation overhead for field devices, simple engineering, plant validation, asset management and process engineering. The device can be integrated into a control system, via Profibus-DP for Simatic PCS 7, or in systems of other manufacturers. A series of digital and analogue electronic modules is available to allow connections to different actuators and sensors, including the incorporation of HART-capable field devices.

Siemens Canada

Reader Service Card No. 304

Range of copy milling inserts and cutters is expanded

Seco Tools Canada has expanded its family of copy milling tools to include a broader selection of one-piece, two-piece and shell-style milling cutters for machining shaped cavities, moulds, dies and forms. For roughing and semi-finishing in face and copy milling operations, the R217.29 and R220.29 one-piece milling cutters employ tough, round inserts ranging from 8 mm to 20 mm in size. The R217.29 model also is available in cylindrical/weldon and cylindrical versions, and longer shanks are offered in high-density, low-vibration material. The two-piece Combimaster system, which incorporates different shank lengths and interchangeable cutter heads, also is available in the R217.29 model. Applications include roughing, slotting and shoulder milling, ramping, and machining of combined convex/concave surfaces.

Seco Tools Canada

Reader Service Card No. 309

Web features connect power meters over the Internet

Power Measurement has announced two new features for its ION series of energy and power quality meters, MeterM@il e-mail messaging and WebMeter web-browser support. Using MeterM@il, the company’s 7500 ION and 7600 ION power meters automatically can send high-priority alarm notifications or scheduled system-status updates as e-mail messages to anyone, anywhere. Also, these power meters now can exchange information using XML format to support custom applications development. WebMeter’s browser support enables facility personnel to quickly access each power meter from any workstation or web-enabled device without the need for special software. Each meter’s built-in web pages display a range of energy and power quality information, and support basic meter-configuration tasks. The MeterM@il and WebMeter features will be offered with other ION power meters in the future.

Power Measurement

Reader Service Card No. 311

Turntable rotates freely for easy load positioning

The platform of the Air Caster Canada turntable rotates on a thin film of air for virtually friction-free operation. The turntable may hold one, two or more containers of parts or any other kin
d of load. Once a container is picked empty, the operator simply revolves the turntable to access the next container. The turntable also can be used in reverse–to assist in loading containers with products or parts. Featuring a simple design and rugged construction, the device operates on standard plant air and requires little maintenance. It may be fitted with tilt decks and lift tables. Applications include manufacturing and stamping plants, automakers, assembly lines, etc.

Air Caster Canada

Reader Service Card No. 310

Electric motor quick-disconnect cuts downtime

Using Power House Tool’s electrical cable quick-disconnect, electric motor servicing now can be accomplished in a few seconds with a simple push and turn motion of the colour-coded cables in order to connect or disconnect any large motor. This time-saving device can be used in such applications as boiler circulating and feed pump motors, vacuum pump motors, primary coolant motors and ball mill drive motors.

Acu Mech Sys

Reader Service Card No. 317

Tote unloader stands firm

Lorenz & Son has introduced a line of tote unloaders designed for raising and dumping bulk materials. The self-contained unit can be moved easily to different locations, or it can be mounted permanently. Featuring a 3,000-lb capacity and 135-degree rotation, it comes with manual or automatic controls and self-contained power unit. Dumping heights are custom selectable, and the dumper assembly is manufactured in stainless steel or mild steel. The unloader is suited to applications in the pneumatic conveying and bulk handling industries.

Lorenz & Son

Reader Service Card No. 312

Metric lead/ball screws offer precision

Nook Industries has introduced PowerAc Speedy metric High-Helix lead screws and PowerTrac Carry metric rolled ball screws. The lead screws provide fast-moving travel rates and high load rates at low rotational speeds, allowing for low-friction acceleration and infinite positioning with high repeatability. For use with hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, they also provide a low-cost alternative to drive belts for applications requiring short stroke movement. The ISO 9001 quality ball screws are designed for applications which require moving a load with high efficiency, such as robotics, drawing machines, climate control systems, textile machines, handling systems, and packaging and food processing equipment.

Nook Industries

Reader Service Card No. 337

Encoder is safe to use in hazardous environments

The line of hazardous-duty series Dynapar X25 rotary encoders from Danaher Controls is suited for use in speed-feedback, cut-to-length measurement and positioning applications in corrosive or explosive atmospheres. These rugged incremental optical encoders feature an environmentally sealed, cast aluminum housing and stainless steel shaft. They are designed for use in environments stated in UL Class I, Groups C and D, and Class II, Groups E, F and G.

Danaher Controls

Reader Service Card No. 314

Multi-function insulation resistance tester is convenient to use

Fluke has introduced its first multi-function insulation resistance tester, the 1520 MegOhmMeter, combining insulation resistance testing, AC/DC voltage measurement and Lo-Ohms function in one rugged tool. Features include a large backlit LCD with analogue bar graph and digital display plus a last-reading memory display for insulation resistance and Lo-Ohms. Measurement changes are displayed graphically. The instrument is powered by four C-cell batteries and contains a battery-life indicator, battery-check function and auto shut-off. It comes in a protective holster.

Fluke Electronics Canada

Reader Service Card No. 315

String lights provide temporary lighting in tough environments

Woodhead Safety Yellow string lights are a cost-effective, temporary lighting solution for harsh environments such as industrial facilities, constructions sites, sandblasters and shipyards. Designed to withstand the heat from non-standard hot service lamps, they come with a factory-attached polarized 15-A plug for quick wiring, STW cable that meets or exceeds NEC and CEC standards and 100 ft of cord with 10 sockets spaced 10 ft apart. Varying spacing and cable length can be ordered. Two models are available, two-wire and three-wire. The two-wire model is shipped in “lamp-in-the-box” packaging that allows the string lights to be equipped with lamps without removal from the packaging.

Woodhead Canada

Reader Service Card No. 316

Control system can be programmed over the Internet

The Smart Star series, available from Z-World, is a modular, expandable embedded control system designed for demanding, real-time control and data acquisition applications. The system comprises a rugged backplane with power supply, a CPU card and one or more I/O cards. Eight slots are available on the backplane, one for the CPU and seven for I/O cards. Up to 168 I/O points are supported in the 27.3-in. panel. Connections to I/O cards are made via a pre-assembled flat ribbon cable assembly or optional field wiring terminals. The RabbitLink card optionally may be used with this system, enabling remote downloading and debugging over networks and the Internet.


Reader Service Card No. 318

Worker lifeline stays taut for maximum protection

A result of 25 years of research and experience in fall protection, the Blocfor B25 self-retracting lifeline ensures worker safety at any height without getting in their way. Easy to handle and weighing under 10 lb, the lifeline automatically takes up the slack in the wire rope, minimizing the free-fall distance should a fall occur. The lifeline meets or exceeds the applicable requirements of the OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards.


Reader Service Card No. 319

Sheet metal shears offer versatility

The easy-to-handle UBS 1.6 universal sheet metal shears from Fein Canadian Power Tool Company are designed for a wide variety of cutting tasks, particularly in the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation sectors. Powered by a 350-W Fein motor, the lightweight tool features an open-fronted cutting head, allowing a clear view of the cutting line. It can cut through sheet metal up to 1.6 mm thick and curves with radii as tight as 30 mm at up to 10 m per minute. Four keyless exchangeable blades are included. Also available is the 1.6 C model, which includes an integrated chip cutter.

Fein Canadian Power Tool

Reader Service Card No. 321

Fieldbus junction system withstands harsh conditions

InterlinkBT has announced a fieldbus junction, tee and cable system that offers system-wide plug-and-play convenience, allowing rapid changeover to a connector-linked network, often in 15 min. or less. System components, Foundation Fieldbus junctions and cabling and IP67 tees feature standardized Manifast connectors that streamline changeover and maintenance procedures. The junctions and cabling connect field devices to PLCs via a cable tray, and the tees provide a quick, NEC-compliant way in and out of the cable tray. The components stand up to harsh environments, including intrinsic safety, hazardous areas and volatile processes.

Chartwell Electronics

Reader Service Card No. 323

Laser-like bar code scanner carries low price tag

Cipher Lab and BarCode Express have introduced the Cipher Lab 1300 linear image scanner, targeted to industrial-use, heavy-duty applications. Combining the affordability and ruggedness of a CCD scanner with the range and precision of a laser scanner, the unit features a scanning range up to 18 in., bright, sharp scan line and ergonomic design. The fast CPU allows decoding and processing of bar code data for both linear and PDF bar codes at a rate of up to 270 scans/second. It also will detect and correct the timing of the decoding to ensure scans in all lighting conditions.

BarCode Express

Reader Service Card No. 320

PLC produc
t receives upgrades

Siemens Industry and Construction Group has added increased memory capacity to allow PLCs to handle more functions, complete functions faster and maintain greater on-site data bases. A module slot for memory cards has been added to its CPU 314 IFM, Simatic S7-300 programmable controller. The memory capacity of its CPU 318-2 has been expanded to 512 Kb, which will allow a command execution time of 100 nanoseconds per operation. As well, two communication interfaces have been added, along with a multi-point interface (MPI) designed to be used as the Profibus-DP master. For Simatic outdoor programmable controllers, two input modules have been added, one for common resistance thermometers and one for thermocouples. In addition, the input range for power supply modules for Simatic S7-400 high-end controllers has been upgraded, and two new power supplies have been added.

Siemens Canada

Reader Service Card No. 322

Laser aligns machine trains, measures straightness

Hyatt Industries has expanded its Rotalign laser series with the addition of the rugged Rotalign Pro alignment system, which aligns not only standard coupled and uncoupled machine sets, but also entire trains of up to six machines. Other additions include a module for straightness measurement of ways, beds and other machine applications, machine templates with predefined or user-specific setup configurations, a soft foot “wizard” that gives expert correction recommendations and a thermal growth calculator for specific machine situations. Alignment results can be traced step by step for ISO-compliant documentation.

Hyatt Industries

Reader Service Card No. 324

Catalogue lists benefits of stainless steel cam follower bearings

Emerson Power Transmission has introduced a six-page catalogue describing its McGill Camrol CRES (Corrosion Resistant Engineered Solutions) stainless steel cam follower bearing line. Designed for processors of food products, beverages and pharmaceuticals, as well as other high-sanitation industries, the items feature 440C stainless steel for corrosion resistance, H1 food-grade lubricant, Lubri-Disc seals and dimensional interchangeability with standard Camrol cam followers.

Emerson Power Transmission

Reader Service Card No. 325

Helmet side-glass option gives welders larger field of vision

The Speedglas 9000 welding helmet is available with the SideWindows option, featuring peripheral side lenses which increase the welder’s viewing area by over 100%. This allows welders to see potentially hazardous peripheral objects, such as protruding beams, oncoming vehicles and other welders, and lets them move more easily around their work area. The option is available on any of the 9000 series helmets.


Reader Service Card No. 326

Saw features quick-detach cord

Milwaukee’s Sawzall Plus Model 6519-21 saw with Quik-Lok cord allows quick detachment from the tool for tangle-free carrying and storage and instant field repair. Features include an 8.5-A motor and variable and trigger speed control for adjusting the blade speed. The saw uses a 1-in. blade stroke and offers fast shoe adjustments. Blade changes can be made quickly and easily, without the use of a hex key. The tool comes in an impact-resistant carrying case with blade storage, 8-ft Quik-Lok rubber cord and two Sawzall blades.

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Reader Service Card No. 327

Magnetic drive pump moves tough fluids

Goulds Pumps has developed a new ISO magnetic drive series of pumps. Designated the ICM, this series is designed to handle without leakage difficult fluids such as corrosives, pollutants, ultra-pure liquids and toxics. The sealless design can be combined with a wide variety of wet end materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy, ductile iron, Alloy 20 and titanium. The pump can handle flows up to 340 cu m/h (1,500 gpm) and heads up to 160 m (525 ft) at 2,900 rpm, and up to 400 cu m/h (1,760 gpm) and 210 m (685 ft.) at 3,500 rpm. Standard operating pressures are up to 16 bar (232 psig) with an option for 25 bar (362 psig). Operating temperatures range from minus 40C to +180C (minus 40F to +550F).

Goulds Pumps

Reader Service Card No. 328

Explosion-proof transducer can be used in dangerous environments

Balluff has expanded its Micropulse line of magnetostrictive linear position sensors with the introduction of an FM- and CENELEC-approved, self-contained, explosion-proof transducer. Featuring a rugged, IP68-rated stainless steel housing, the cost-effective devices are suitable for a wide variety of dangerous-duty applications such as offshore oil rigs, grain-handling equipment and mining machinery. The auto-tuning electronics reduce maintenance and repair costs, as fewer parts need to be replaced and less disassembly is required. A variety of floats is available for liquid level applications in hazardous areas.


Reader Service Card No. 329

Nut pushes into position by hand

Jergens has announced three new versions of a fastening product. The ZipNut quick-change nuts have Push-on Threads, which allow them to be slid into place, eliminating tedious spinning. A ratchet-like internal mechanism provides positive holding force. Once snugged down by hand, final torque is applied with regular tools. Three styles are available, hex, flange and threaded insert in 1/2-in., 5/8-in. and 3/4-in. UNC thread sizes.


Reader Service Card No. 330

Reducer allows in-line adjustment of mechanical backlash

The Andantex CorBac correctable backlash servo-drive reducer makes it possible to correct or reset mechanical backlash without removing the reducer from the machine. The correction can be made at any time during the machine’s life. Featuring low inertia, high torsional rigidity and precise repeatability, the unit uses a specially designed eccentric device to drive double-toothed crown gears. It is available in five standard sizes, offers input speeds to 5,000 rpm and torque capacity to 7,400 ft-lb, and is lubricated for life. Large ratios can be realized by mounting in tandem.


Reader Service Card No. 331

Pivotal accelerometer suits tight situations

The Model 775A low-cost pivotal accelerometer from Wilcoxon features a 360-degree turning radius, a 316L stainless steel case that is hermetically sealed, a temperature range of minus 50C to +80C, a vibration limit of 500 g, and miswiring and ESD protection. The sensor is suitable for use in conveyors, drives or any industrial situation that might need vibration monitoring within tight constraints. The Viton boot permits rotation of the strain relief sleeve and cable to any position.

Wilcoxon Research

Reader Service Card No. 333

Open-head ratchet has advantages in dirty applications

A heavy-duty, 1/2-in. drive, open-head ratchet, Model 4480, is available from Wright Tool. The open-head design enables it to be cleaned easily, making it suitable for use in dirty and grimy environments. It is easy to see if the ratchet teeth are dirty or failing to engage properly. Also, the user can inspect the condition of the teeth without disassembling the ratchet. Hot forged from 4140 alloy steel and precision heat treated, the tool has 30 teeth and an arc swing of 3 1/4 in. Its handle features an ergonomic design with a contoured grip and a lanyard hole.

Wright Tool

Reader Service Card No. 338

Motor monitoring module helps keep costs down

Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley Ezlink Plus motor monitoring module as an extension to Allen-Bradley control-matched variable speed motors. This preventive maintenance tool helps users avoid costly mechanical failures by monitoring speed, temperature, vibration and other operating conditions of motors, bearings, speed reducers and gearboxes. Data is sent via DeviceNet to a programmable controller or PC for trending and analysis. The module is designed for large motors and critic
al applications where system downtime and equipment repair is costly. Typical applications include belt conveyors, screw conveyors, hammermills, bucket elevators and remote pumping stations.

Rockwell Automation

Reader Service Card No. 334

Condition data can be collected from remote locations

CSI has announced the release of the 4100 RF Watch wireless, remote machinery condition analysis system. The 4100 MicroAnalyzer is part of the company’s RBMconsultant family of integrated vibration analysis products. Each unit performs vibration , temperature and stress wave analysis to monitor and troubleshoot the health of industrial machinery. Condition analysis provides advance warning to avoid costly machine failures and the associated production downtime. The RF Watch software module allows machinery condition data to be collected and analyzed remotely. It connects to transceivers around the plant using a network connection or around the world using a modem connection.

Computational Systems Inc.

Reader Service Card No. 332

Accelerometer withstands harsh conditions

Designed for predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring of bearings, gears, motors, pumps and compressors, the Model 602C01 industrial accelerometer from the IMI Sensors Division of PCB Piezotronics features through-hole mounting and small size for ease of installation where larger top connector units will not fit. The durable, stainless steel housing stands up to the rigours of harsh industrial environments. Additional features include 360-degree cable orientation, 100 mV/g sensitivity, an operating temperature range of 250F and low cost.


Reader Service Card No. 420

Oil/water separator for contaminated compressor condensate cuts costs

The Balston oil/water separator for contaminated air compressor condensate from Parker Hannifin offers hands-off, unattended 24-hour-a-day operation. Control systems monitor and announce conditions. While exceeding 10 ppm storm water regulations, the separator offers low operating, processing and disposal costs. Waste volume is reduced by 98% and compressor lubricant is concentrated for easy disposal.

Parker Hannifin

Reader Service Card No. 418

Dust collector handles large volumes

Camfil Farr has introduced the Big Round Filter (BRF), a reverse air dust collector whose design minimizes the number of moving parts and thereby reduces wear. Its self-contained cleaning system requires no plant compressed air and its rotating arm is easy to maintain. A perforated inner cone reduces can velocities and results in high filtration efficiency, high dust loads and extended filter life. Applications include the high-volume collection of dry dusts generated during powder and bulk handling operations such as grain and food processing, as well as woodworking, mining and quarry applications, metalworking and heavy industrial processes. The unit is available in 21 standard models with a choice of 8-ft, 10-ft or 12-ft. fabric bags or pleated filters in a choice of media.

Camfill Farr

Reader Service Card No. 421

Linear motor’s reduced size increases flexibility

Kollmorgen has expanded its DDL (Direct Drive Linear ) motor line to include the IL03 model and ICD series. Well-suited to bridge the gap between the larger IL models and smaller IC coils, the modular ICD motor series comprises an ironcore motor that features a low attractive force and patented anti-cogging design in a reduced envelope. It uses existing DDL cable sets and IC-style hall effects. Two lengths are offered, with four widths each. Corresponding magnet assemblies have stainless steel covers as standard. The IL03 series is a short-length, ironless linear motor that is used for low-force requirements or moving low masses. It is offered in three widths.


Reader Service Card No. 422

Temperature/humidity transmitter stand up to tough conditions

Unaffected by heat, cold, condensation, fog, high humidity or encompassing contaminants, the Series HU temperature/humidity transmitter from Dwyer Instruments offers quick-response, stable, repeatable and accurate temperature and humidity readings. Operating temperature range for the unit is -35C to +55 C (-30 F to +130 F). The 4-mA to 20-mA output signal is fully conditioned and temperature-compensated. Employing a polymer capacitance sensor, the transmitter is available for duct mounting in a NEMA 4 (IP56) cold-rolled steel enclosure and for wall mounting with an ABS plastic enclosure.

ITM Instruments

Reader Service Card No. 354

Mini-motor packs a punch

API Motion has introduced its smallest step motor, a 10-mm diameter unit, the MSD-10, which supplies high speed and low inertia in a compact package. It has a high power-to-size ratio and makes use of the company’s disc magnet motor (DMM) technology. Speeds of up to 10,000 rpm are attainable, with a holding torque of up to 1.8 mNm. The motor can be driven in full step mode at 24 steps per revolution or microstepped. It can be used in applications where positioning, acceleration or small size is essential, such as in fibre optic telecommunication applications.

Electromate Industrial Sales

Reader Service Card No. 426

Damper measures and controls in one unitThe Iris damper permits airflow to be adjusted and measured at one location, resulting in reduced field time and improved accuracy in air balancing. It uses interlocking steel plates and a calibrated control lever to form an adjustable aperture. By measuring differential pressure across the pressure ports, and referring to the matching performance curve, airflow can be determined precisely. Ten sizes are available, from 4 in. to 32 in., and capacities range from 15 cfm to 25,000 cfm. These easy-to-use, rugged dampers are manufactured of galvanized steel and fitted with a neoprene gasket for airtight mounting.AerofloReader Service Card No. 431Brochure describes coating for aluminum partsGeneral Magnaplate has released a technical brochure, Magnaplate HCR, which describes its surface enhancement technology for aluminum and aluminum alloys. The harder-than-steel coating enhances aluminum parts by adding increased hardness, corrosion, abrasion, chemical and moisture resistance, mould release, high dielectric strength and low co-efficient of friction. The brochure details the thicknesses and tolerances of the Magnaplate HCR coating. Results of a salt spray test are shown, which demonstrate a coating of 0.002 in. withstanding 15,000 hours and offering over 40 times the minimum protection required by military specifications. A Taber Abrasion table shows weight loss of 10 mg or less after 10,000 cycles.General Magnaplate CanadaReader Service Card No. 432Multi-gas monitor stands up to tough conditionsThe Industrial Scientific MG140 multi-gas monitor from Acklands-Grainger is a low-cost instrument designed for a variety of gas monitoring applications. It constantly monitors the air and displays the concentration of oxygen, combustible gases, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. A 90-dB alarm and a bright visual alarm alert the user that gas concentrations have exceeded the preset limits. Featuring a high-visibility, enamel-coated stainless steel case for durability, the instrument offers three battery options: nickel cadmium and disposable lithium or 9V.Acklands-GraingerReader Service Card No. 436Drum tray keeps work areas contaminant-freeThe Ultra-DrumTray is a 100% polyethylene containment tray designed to collect and contain drips and overflow that can occur when filling 30-gal. and 55-gal. drums. Easy to clean and chemical-resistant, it also can be used to contain the residue from pump-out operations. An optional bottom grate keeps the drum 2 5/8 in. off the bottom and out of spilled liquids, and this option can turn the tray into a secondary containment unit for batteries and 5-gal. pails. An optional caster dolly offers mobility. The system can be used with
Ultra-Funnel funnels.Fred Cressman SalesReader Service Card No. 437Screw conveyor comes in standard or custom configurationsLorenz has added Lorenz screw conveyors to its line of bulk handling equipment. These economical conveyors are manufactured in standard configurations (CEMA) in sizes from 4 in. up to 24 in. In addition, they can be custom manufactured to customer requirements. They can be used to convey materials up and down, horizontally and in two directions. Stainless steel is the material of construction for the food processing industry, while carbon steel and AR plate conveyors also are produced.Lorenz & SonReader Service Card No. 438Brushless servo amplifier is tinyAdvanced Motion Controls has introduced a compact, 1.3 kW brushless servo amplifier. The pulse width modulated 15A series provides up to 90-VDC, 15-A peak output in a package measuring 1 in. high by 3 in. wide by 5 in. long that fits in a shirt pocket. It weighs just 10 oz. All models are covered by over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and short circuit protection.Electromate Industrial SalesReader Service Card No. 439MRO

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