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Vigilant: SDT condition monitoring solution

April 26, 2021 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: SDT Ultrasound Solutions.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions’ Vigilant is an eight-channel online condition monitoring solution. An additional four channels allow inputs for more conventional machinery information such as temperature, RPM, and other process data.

With its own embedded software contained within the measurement pod, anyone with network credentials has access to critical asset health via a web browser. It uses standard communications protocols like Ethernet, OPC, and Modbus TCP.

Available in two configurations: mobility and permanent. Vigilant Mobility comes packaged in a environmentally protected carrying case and is designed to travel with to field-level critical assets where temporary 24/7 monitoring is required. Vigilant Permanent installs and remains on an asset for its life cycle.

“There are many applications where using a single condition monitoring technology to attempt to identify a failure mode doesn’t net the outcomes needed by reliability planners,” said Robert Dent, Product Specialist, Vigilant. “Vigilant combines insights from two proven technologies to bring conditional data into a common location, while providing industry standard tools to perform analysis.”




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