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Van der Graaf Unveils Intelligent Drum Motor

October 12, 2018 | By Mario Cywinski

Van der Graaf has developed a drum motor design with the frequency inverter (VFD) integrated into the motor junction box and an electric motor. The new Intelligent Drum Motor (IntelliDrive) design was recently shown at IMTS 2018 in Chicago.

With the Intelligent Drum Motor design, the rotor is magnetically self-induced by the use of permanent magnets installed on the rotor body. Lab results have shown electrical savings of up to 72 per cent over a standard conventional motor/gearbox conveyor drive.

Intelligent Drum Motor requires a vector-less sensor to operate; therefore, it must be used with the integrated VFD, which is Ethernet/IP and MODBUS compatible enabling communication with other plant equipment. It also provides conveyor drive data feedback and control belt speed either remotely or direct at the drum motor.

Intelligent Drum Motor enables the ability to select required belt speed without loss of torque or belt-pull, increasing efficiency and life of electric motor, minimizing downtime and decreasing overall operating costs. It has the electric motor, bearings and gear reducer hermetically sealed inside the drum, protected from the environment, extending the life of the drive unit.



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