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Vacuum lifting system makes laser cutting more efficient

The Vacumaster Laser lifting system for the metalworking industry performs three operations that are vital to the laser-cutting process. It lifts and places a metal sheet on the laser cutting machine,...

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The Vacumaster Laser lifting system for the metalworking industry performs three operations that are vital to the laser-cutting process. It lifts and places a metal sheet on the laser cutting machine, it lifts and removes the cut parts and it lifts and removes the skeleton (the remnant sheet). In addition, it allows the operator to remove all the cut parts simultaneously, in a single lifting action. Sheets as large as 1,500 mm by 3,600 mm (5 ft by 12 ft) and weighing up to 340 kg (750 lb) can be gripped, lifted and positioned. After the cutting process, metal parts as small as 30 mm by 30 mm (1 1/4 in. by 1 1/4 in.), with thickness ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm (1/32 in. to 1/4 in.), can be moved and placed in parts bins for subsequent processing.


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Extractor kit serves two work areas

The Nederman EK1000 extractor kit for two work stations is for use with solvents, glue or soldering fumes. This extraction and filtering solution consists of a fan/filter unit, a speed control, two arms, two flexible bench brackets and two transparent hoods. Each flexible, self-supporting, 1000-mm-long arm comes with a damper to allow for individual control of the airflow through each arm. This is a compact unit that can be placed close to the work area.

Nederman Canada

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Winch line is for tight spaces

Jeamar Winches has announced the line of compact Spacesaver winches, designed for installations where space is at a premium. A wide range of options is available, including high-rope-capacity drums, high or low speed, limit switches and pressure rollers.

Jeamar Winches

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Remote controller for cranes uses colour-coded electronic keys

The Cattron-Theimeg Pendant Eliminator remote controller is designed to provide operators with the same easy-to-use, durable, push-button system they currently use on a pendant system, but without the heavy, restricting cords. In addition to allowing the operator to move around the load and to control the crane from a distance, the controller incorporates an i-Key, a colour-coded, removable electronic key required for controller operation. All frequency, address, personality and options programming is stored on the i-Key. Any Pendant Eliminator will run any decoder as long as the correct i-Key is used.

Cattron-Theimeg Canada

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Servo motor drives offer tight control

Tol-O-Matic has announced the Axiom brush and brushless servo motor drives, the newest components in the Axidyne electric motion control system. These drives use a high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) to implement high bandwidth digital control of traditional servo motors in torque, velocity or position modes. The three brushless drives in the series (10 A, 20 A and 30 A peak performance) deliver a 15% to 30% improvement in torque speed, depending on application, while providing a significant reduction in torque variations. All models can be installed quickly and easily.

Electromate Industrial Sales

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Clogs pose no problem for this centrifugal pump

The Super T series of self-priming centrifugal pumps increases impeller and wearplate life to decrease downtime. The external shimless coverplate allows for easy adjustment of the clearance between the impeller and the wearplate. This process eliminates the need to realign belts, couplings or other drive components. The coverplate can be taken off with ease and clogs removed through the opening, without disconnecting piping. Designed to mount above the pumped liquid with only the suction line in the sump, the pump handles waste streams containing up to 3-in. diameter solids. Materials of construction are available to suit corrosive and abrasive conditions.

Gorman-Rupp of Canada

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Sensor-related products are for process control industry

Addressing the increasingly complex needs of the process control industry, Wieland Electric has designed a number of products to work with sensor applications, including terminal blocks, pluggable connectors and a remote I/O system. The company’s Ricos system is an advanced open architecture fieldbus I/O system that connects devices to DeviceNet, CANopen, Profibus DP or Interbus-S protocols, as well as to an expanding list of new protocols. Supplied in either a modular or a compact version, the system provides from as few as four I/O points to as many as 96. Designed specifically for the termination of initiators and actuators, the WKF 1.5 KO terminal block can be DIN-rail or panel-surface mounted, accommodates eight or 16 I/O points and includes a power supply terminal. A useful feature of this product is the ability to disconnect a single terminal or I/O point without having to interrupt the power supply, facilitating maintenance by making system shutdown unnecessary. Lastly, the company’s actuator sensor interface connectors are designed for use in process automation applications for sensors and actuators in ASI bus installations, as well as LON and EIBA systems.

Wieland Electric

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Compact fan features mixed-flow impeller

Designed for equipment cooling or pressurizing, the rugged, lightweight MRD mixed-flow fan combines the quietness and pressure capability of a centrifugal fan with the space saving of an axial fan. It uses a mixed-flow impeller with a standard NEMA frame motor mounted in the fan inlet, and comes completely assembled with bell mouth inlet and safety guard. Installation is simple. Three sizes are available, providing airflows to 6800 cfm and pressures to 2 1/4 in. static pressure. The adjustable pitch impeller is offered in nine blade settings.


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New products are added to rotary encoder family

Baumer Electric has expanded its rotary encoder product line to include incremental, absolute and absolute multi-turn optical encoder technologies. Available in both shaft and hollow versions, the line features a variety of channels, signal-generating electronics and plug and cable connections. The incremental encoders, available in sub-miniature versions with flexible interfacing and extended temperature range, feature pulse ranges up to 72,000 ppr that allow for high resolution and precise measurement of rotational movements. The absolute multi-turn encoders support most major bus systems.

Baumer Electric

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Pre-assembled mezzanine structure can be two storeys tall

Provincial Partitions has designed a compact modular structure for mezzanine applications, which can be used for offices or storage, on one two levels. The structures bolt together quickly and easily, providing the flexibility for expansion as space needs change. Partitions are available in either steel or low-maintenance vinyl surfaces. The company also supplies windows and doors, as well as full electrical packages and sound and temperature control options. The structures come in standard or custom configurations.

Provincial Partitions

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Disconnect terminal block allows testing without disconnect

Wieland Electric’s Knife Edge disconnect series of terminal blocks is designed to allow circuit testing without disconnecting wires and features built-in test points with a lever disconnect switch. An addition to the Taris family of terminal blocks, Series WKC/TKM comprises two types, the 5-mm WKC1/TKM35, designed for 24-18 AWG conductors at 13 A, 600 V, and the 6-mm WKC 2.5/TKM35, designed for 16-14 AWG conductors at 17 A, 600 V. Standard accessories include mounting rails, end plates and partition plates, covers, test plugs and marking accessories.

Wieland Electric

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Plastic bearings withstand contamination

In environments where moisture, chemicals, magnetism or lubricant contamination is a problem, plastic bearings may b
e a more appropriate choice than conventional bearings. It is important to take into consideration load, speed, internal clearance and other factors before making this substitution. Technicor stocks a full range of plastic ball bearings, in both inch and metric sizes.


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Hole drillers feature keyless tool changes

Fein Canada Power Tool Company has introduced a line of economically priced annular cutters and core bits for fast through-hole drilling. The HSS cutters, carbide-tipped core bits and Quick-In cutters eliminate the time-consuming process of multi-step drilling. They are offered in a full range of sizes in both 1-in. and 2-in. depths, with 3-in. available upon request. Featuring a 50-mm cut depth, the core bits are for use with Fein KBM 32 Q core drill units and other drills and magnetic stands with MT 2 and MT 3 capabilities. Their Quick-In feature allows for rapid, tool-free changing.

Fein Canadian Power Tool

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Rugged inverter stands up to hostile conditions

Designed for fast, stable operation, the Siemens MM420 inverter features fast digital input signal processing which makes it suitable for most dynamic applications. Its compound braking reduces thermal motor stress. Features include readily accessible terminals, for easy start-up and maintenance, and a structured, numerically grouped parameter set, with the most frequently required parameters clustered under a fast start-up group. A Profibus interface makes for easy integration into the Siemens S7 automation system and Totally Integrated Automation. Its steel base plate and hardened, oil-resistant plastic housing make it suitable for operation in harsh industrial environments.

Siemens Canada

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Multipole connectors receive hazardous locations approval

Wieland Electric has achieved Class I, Zone 2 certification to CSA standards for its line of multipole rectangular connectors designed for hazardous locations typically found in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. The connectors are available in multiple combinations from 3 to 100 poles with current ratings from 5 A to 82 A up to 600 V. In all, 30 variations are possible using eight different strain relief hood and housing sizes. Using these products, connections in the field can be made by simply mating the two pre-wired halves together, saving time and money in hazardous location installations.

Wieland Electric

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Threaded rod finds myriad of uses in many industries

Cords Canada offers a line of threaded rod in a range of plastics that includes nylon, PVC, FRP, teflon, polypropylene, delrin and others. The rod can be cut for use in a variety of straight lengths or it can be bent with heat to form U-bolts and other shapes. Various styles of nuts are available to fit all rod sizes. These rods can be found in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, metal fabricating, food processing, machine shops, heating and air conditioning.

Cords Canada

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Laser shaft alignment system is built to last

Hyatt Industries distributes the Optalign Plus laser shaft alignment system. Manufactured by Prftechnik, this is the third generation of Optalign instruments. Features include IP 65/67 durability rating (water-, dust- and shock-proof), improved LCD display graphics with on-screen instruction, built-in electronic inclinometer for simplified measurement, calibration to ISO standards and improved battery power management features.

Hyatt Industries

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Stainless steel indicator suits washdown environments

Ohaus has added the CW-11 stainless steel washdown indicator to its line of products for industrial applications. Engineered for easy use in virtually any environment, this rugged unit combines the features of the CD-11 indicator with a stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP-65 waterproof housing. In addition, the indicator offers a number of new features, including user-selectable digital filters for accurate weighing of livestock and other animals. Capacity is 5 to 20,000 lbs or kg, with a readability of 0.001 to 5 lb or kg. Operating on either AC or battery power, the indicator features an internal hardwired AC adapter to protect the power connection against water and other environmental elements. The durable housing provides waterproof connections for up to four 350-ohm load cells, as well as an additional waterproof port for connection to a remote display, PC or other device.

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Pump uses gravity to help move product

Warren Rupp has introduced the Model SA2-A and SA3-A flap valve SandPiper pump. In these pumps, the pumped product enters the uppermost portion of the pump and discharges out of the bottom. Gravity assists in these 2-in. and 3-in. pumps to allow the product to fall away from the diaphragm, thereby avoiding damage and solids build-up that may occur on fixed ported pumps, where the product is pumped in the bottom and out of the top. Available in various alloys and elastomers to handle a wide variety of jobs, these pumps can handle up to 3-in.-pipe-size solids.

Warren Rupp
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Refrigerated dryer cuts operating costs

Deltech’s Hydrogard HT series of high-temperature inlet air dryers can accept hot compressed air up to 195F directly from the air compressor. The dryer combines an aftercooler, refrigerated compressed air dryer, separator/filter and drain valve into one unit. Having a built-in aftercooler reduces installation costs, lowers the outlet air temperature to the customer’s system, prevents damage to the dryer from the hot inlet air and condenses up to 65% of the water vapour in the system. The end result is lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs. Maintenance is limited to routine cleaning of the drain.

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Brochure details premium efficient electric motor line

Baldor has published a 48-page brochure on its line of Super-E premium efficient industrial electric motors. The brochure features an exploded view of the motor, showing component parts and explaining features that result in premium efficiency. Also provided are electrical and mechanical design characteristics, NEMA frame sizes, catalogue numbers, winding numbers, dimensions, performance data, efficiencies and power factors for steel band and cast iron models.

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Portal interface gives a clear view of plant floor information

Two new products in the Plant2Business suite have been released, Plant2Net and Plant2Pocket, delivering real-time access to plant floor data. Plant2Net allows users to visualize plant floor information from control systems over the intranet/Internet using a browser. Plant2Pocket, compatible with current WAP mobile phones and Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), was developed for wireless hand-held devices where screen size is minimal, bandwidth is limited and ease of use is important.

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Mitering saw is for maintenance departments

Weston, Ont., based Baxter Verticut Inc. has introduced an addition to its MiterCut model 280M, the MiterCut model 220M horizontal mitering/vertical bandsaw machine, suitable for maintenance and general machine shop use. This machine can be used as a cut-off saw to cut various bar sizes with the standard coolant system. When cutting angles, the saw head rotates to allow miter cutting of bars without requiring the material to be swung across the shop floor. In addition, the tool can be used as a contour cutting saw. Features include a 3/4-in. blade, a 1-hp blade motor, and 8-3/4-in. diameter cutting capacity at 90 degrees and 8-in. diameter at 45 degrees.

Baxter Verticut Inc.
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Oscilloscope makes abnormal signal behaviour easy to see

ix has announced an oscilloscope family to enhance its TDS3000 series digital phosphor oscilloscopes. Comprising six models, the TDS3000B family provides more power and portability to engineers and technicians faced with testing dynamic, complex signals in environments ranging from design labs to field troubleshooting applications. Amongst its list of features is the WaveAlert waveform anomaly detection, which automatically detects anomalous waveforms. Also featured is the e*Scope web-based remote control capability, which enables remote instrument control via an Internet browser, as well as information sharing and monitoring. The series is designed to accept up to four application modules at a time.

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Digital multimeter carries low pricetag

The DM 9020 digital multimeter from KB Electronics is a versatile, low-cost instrument that provides 3 1/2-digit measurement to 600 Vac/Vdc, 2 Aac/Adc and 20 Mohm resistance. Also featured are transistor measurement and diode test functions with a basic accuracy of 0.8%. Battery-operated, the unit is equipped with an adjustable backstand for easy set-up in either bench-top or hand-held field applications.

KB Electronics (Canada)
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Mobile container kit scoots through plant aisles

The Pig mobile container unit is a 50-gal. polyethylene container on rubber wheels with attached hinged lid that includes an assortment of absorbents to respond to non-corrosive spills up to 38 gals. Built-in handles allow easy steering through crowded aisles and narrow doorways. The container comes packed with such absorbents as socks, mats, pillows and loose absorbent. This durable, rugged unit can be used indoors or out and easily travels over curbing or steps.

New Pig
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Power circuit breakers get new lease on life

Outdated, malfunctioning or improperly maintained circuit breakers can shut down large portions of a facility’s distribution system. General Electric Support Services offers a low-voltage power circuit breaker Core Exchange Program, in which existing circuit breakers are removed, and refurbished circuit breakers immediately are slid back in to replace them, reducing both emergency and planned outages. Old cores are returned to GE for credit. The company’s service shops completely re-engineer, rebuild, upgrade, re-configure and test power circuit breakers.

GE Energy Services
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Wipers deal with tough jobs

Kimberly-Clark Professional has completed its transition of KimTuff, Teri and Teri Plus wipers from scrim reinforced material to WypAll X60 Teri wipers made with Hydroknit fast-absorbing, cloth-like material. This bulky material is manufactured using jets of water to bond soft absorbent paper to extra-strong non-woven fabric. Strong and durable when wet or dry, they are reinforced for extra scrubbing power, absorbency and tear-resistance. They are tough enough for big jobs, yet soft enough to be used on the face and hands. Applications include applying thinners and solvents, cable lubricant application and removal, adhesive cleaning, and removing grease and soil in tight areas. The reusable wipers come in pop-up boxes, quarter-fold packs, flat sheet packs, and in small and jumbo rolls.

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Brochure describes noise-deadening products

A 12-page, full-colour brochure from Illbruck describes how Sonex panels, baffles, curtains and others reduce noise to create comfortable, safe work environments. In addition, the brochure describes how Sonex wedges provide good sound absorption in test cells and anechoic chambers. Acoustic test data and physical properties also are summarized. The brochure also explains why noisy industrial environments cause lost productivity, fatigue and poor communication.

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Tester measures concentration of water-soluble industrial fluids

Leica Microsystems has introduced the IFT 10HP hand-held refractometer for high-precision industrial fluids measurement. It features the same 0-10 scale as the previous model, but offers improvement in readability and field-of-view size. This industrial fluid tester is designed to measure synthetic lubricants, low- and high-concentration cutting fluids, metalworking coolants and lubricants, heat-treating fluids, hydraulic fluids and plating baths.

Leica Microsystems
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Tension control brake is easy to maintain

The BTB-12 tension control brake from Nexen extends the company’s family of multi-caliper, shaft-mounted, fan-cooled tension brakes. Providing easy installation and maintenance, high thermal capacity and precise tension control, the brake is suitable for corrugating, labelling, printing and various other web tension control applications. Compact at 13 in., it is designed for mounting on shaftless unwind stands and other shaft-end applications. Quick-change facings permit easy maintenance.

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Brochure outlines water and wastewater pumps

A 12-page, illustrated brochure describes the range of Goulds and A-C (Allis-Chalmers) pumps that are specifically designed for water and wastewater applications. Designated Bulletin BRELWW, the brochure features the NS non-clog pumps, Trash Hog solids-handling self-priming pumps, vortex pumps and a broad range of horizontal splitcase pumps. Pumps for utility, sump and chemical feed service also are included. Detailed technical and application information is provided, as well as product sectional photos and performance curves.

ITT Industries
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Twin-tapered bushing option is added to reducer line

The Dodge Quantis reducer with twin-tapered bushings is available as an option on both motorized shaft-mount and right-angle helical bevel products. This feature provides easy-on/easy-off mounting for all reducer sizes from fractional to 150 hp. The twin-tapered bushings provide support on both sides of the reducer and deliver maximum torque and shock load capability while eliminating driven shaft damage and reducing wobble. In addition, the bushing system fits undersized shafts.

Rockwell Automation
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Low-cost line scanner offers value for money

Baumer Electric has introduced the PosCon, a pocket-size, retro-reflective line scan sensor engineered to deliver accurate yet cost-effective width, edge and centre position sensing. Featuring full signal processing and data transmission capabilities, the line scanner offers three standard measuring ranges of 30 mm, 150 mm and 350 mm. Its width measurement capabilities make it suitable for detecting breaks and tears in textile, synthetic, paper or films materials, as well as for tool control and in-line quality inspection. The sensor offers good web control capabilities for the packaging, material handling, warehousing and printing/graphics industries. Its repeatability in centre position detection makes it suitable for conveying, warehousing and special machine applications.

Baumer Electric
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Reversing bevel gearbox is designed for bindery equipment

Andantex has introduced RebelGear, a reversing right-angle bevel gearbox specifically developed to drive bindery equipment. The gearbox can be used to drive separating discs on signature hoppers on bindery lines at twice the input speed, and provide reversing for left-hand or right-hand binding. Mountable in any orientation, the unit allows 1:2 speed increase from input to through-shaft. It is rated for 10 hp at 1,750 rpm N2 output, and is available with metric or inch dimensions. Features include forward, neutral and reverse shifting.

Reader Service Card No. 439

Analogue signal generator comes with carrying case

The lightweight model ASG analogue signal generator is for troubleshooting transmitters, transducers, motors and actuators. The unit genera
tes a 0-VDC to 10-VDC signal in increments of 1 V or a 4-mA to 20-mA signal in increments of 2 mA. The ramp interval timing function allows users to define maximum and minimum values. An easy-to-read LED bar graph indicates analogue signal level. Also featured is an auto-shut-off timer from 2 min. to 20 min. with 2 min. increments and 6-min. default setting. Operating temperature is 0C to 50C (32F to 122F). The unit comes with 1.8-m (6-ft) leads, alligator clips, protective carrying case and instruction manual.

Reader Service Card No. 323

Hollow-shaft encoder stands up to tough conditions

The Industrial Encoder Division of BEI Sensors & Systems Company has introduced an industrial-grade hollow-shaft encoder. Featuring an outside diameter of only 2.5 in., the HS25 is designed to accommodate standard motor shafts of 5/8 in. diameter. Operation up to 85C is available, along with special options that allow installation on shafts up to 3/4 in. Carrying an environmental rating of NEMA 4 and IP65, this rugged, well-sealed encoder is suitable for use with heavy-duty industrial motors, as well as space-critical applications in the machine vision, robotics, packaging, web control and machine tool industries.

BEI Encoder Division
Reader Service Card No. 349

Contact blocks prevent possible danger

Allen-Bradley’s Bulletin 800T and 800E Self Monitoring contact blocks (SMCB) provide improved E-Stop reliability in critical process control applications, enhancing plant floor safety. The SMCB monitors installation to the E-Stop operator, to help ensure that normally closed contacts will open when the E-Stop is actuated. If the SMCB is ever separated from the E-Stop operator for any reason, the controlled process will be shut down. An additional safety feature is the IPX2 finger-safe protection that allows users to access the wiring terminal but prevents them from coming into contact with the electrical current.

Rockwell Automation
Reader Service Card No. 350

Low-pressure dial gauges are low-maintenance

Pressurealart high-resolution, low-pressure dial gauges are designed for air and inert gas monitoring in clean rooms, process control and HVAC systems. The large, clear dial displays instant measurement of positive, negative and differential pressure, in a wide range of low- and medium-pressure applications. Requiring virtually no maintenance, the gauges provide accurate, repeatable readings for calibration, process control and health and safety installations.

Reader Service Card No. 352

Tool company carries hoist rings, knobs

The line of American Drill heavy-duty hoist rings from Century Tools is made from forged high-strength alloy steel. Its pivot and swivel design compensates for pitch, roll and sway when lifting heavy, unbalanced loads. The hoist rings feature a one-piece body and ball, which eliminates shoulder pins, and a total of six assembly parts. Also available from Century Tools is the Dimco-Gray line of knobs and handles, including ball knobs, push-pull-lift knobs, oval and tapered knobs, tapered handles, fluted torque knobs and more. The DimcoGrip line of soft-touch knobs and handles suits various industrial applications.

Century Tools & Machinery
Reader Service Card No. 358

Replaceable electronics module makes speedy transducer repairs

Balluff’s Micropulse replaceable electronics module allows a simple five-minute plug and play repair of a magnetostrictive transducer, eliminating the need to depressurize a hydraulic cylinder and replace an entire transducer. Overall repair cost and time are significantly reduced. This module will be of use to injection moulders, die casters and metal stampers who cannot afford downtime. It works with any length transducer.

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Catalogue describes gearmotor/reducer family

Emerson Power Transmission has introduced an eight-page catalogue, which describes its line of standard gearmotors and speed reducers. Marketed under the Browning, Morse and US Gearmotor brands, these gearboxes come in worm, helical, bevel, spiral bevel, spur and combination models. Available engineering services, key technical resources and e-commerce capabilities also are detailed.

Emerson Power Transmission
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