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Unison’s range of tube bending machines

Maryam Farag   

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Photo: Unison Ltd.

Unison Ltd. launched Synergy HBM (hybrid, multi-stack); tube bending machines, available in 50 millimetres and 80 mm (maximum tube diameter) versions initially and will feature the company’s latest Unibend Lite control system.

As hybrid machines, Unison’s new Synergy HBM range combines electric and hydraulic operation. As with Breeze models, bend arm, carriage, plane of bend and carriage side shift are servo driven, while mandrel, pressure die and clamping system are hydraulically controlled.

The Unison Synergy HBM range:

  • 50 mm or 80 mm collet capacity
  • Three-stack, multi-stack design
  • Clockwise (right hand) bend arm rotation
  • 4000 mm tube length in to stopped collet
  • Fixed platen
  • Servo driven degree of bend
  • Servo driven rack and pinion carriage
  • Servo driven plane of bend
  • Servo driven carriage side shift
  • Hydraulic drop away clamping system
  • Hydraulic pressure die assist
  • Hydraulic mandrel with retraction function
  • Unison Unibend Lite control system
  • Colour touch screen
  • Foot pedal program control
  • Optional Bendpro CNC control system





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