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Photo: WaveCel.

WaveCel launched Type II+ full-brimmed hard hats including WaveCel T2+ MAX vented hard hat for all-day wear, and WaveCel T2+ PRO non-vented hard hat for electrical jobs. WaveCel hard hats are Type II certified and protect against rotational forces in addition to lateral impacts.

WaveCel is a network of hundreds of interconnected shock absorbers attenuating impacts through three principal mechanisms: flex, crumple, and glide. Cells crumple to absorb linear forces; they also flex and glide to attenuate rotational forces.

“The WaveCel hard hat design and fit makes me not only feel safer, but it’s the most comfortable hard hat I have ever worn,” said Ken Koppler, vice-president of health and safety, US Ecology. “One of my favorite features of the WaveCel hard hat is its inherent ability to stay on my head without a chin strap or overtightening the ratchet system. Our crews work in a dynamic industry with a multitude of hazards, so this is an important feature.”



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