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Training program encourages workers to speak up about unsafe behaviour

December 23, 2014
By Bill Roebuck


Belleville, ON – A new employee safety program has been released and deals specifically with encouraging employees to speak up when they see a co-worker engaged in unsafe behaviour so injuries and fatalities can be prevented.

In this dramatic telling of the popular safety poem, ‘I Chose to Look the Other Way’, viewers can witness examples of three common scenarios of workers not speaking up about safety. The storylines feature a failure to follow lockout/tagout, an employee neglecting to wear PPE and a worker choosing not to wear fall protection as the primary causes of incidents that result in fatalities; however, your employees will learn that the root cause of each was a reluctance to speak up. They will be convinced that speaking up about unsafe acts is critical in the prevention of workplace injuries. Some of the other safety concerns addressed in the program include supervisors, rushing, habits, shift work and intimidation.

This program from ERI Safety Videos is available in DVD and streaming media formats. ERI Safety Videos of Lexington, SC, is a producer of health and safety training and has been creating employee training products for more than 25 years. Additional information available by visiting