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SSI Interfaces for absolute encoders

November 16, 2023 | By MRO Staff

Photo: Posital.

POSITAL IXARC magnetic absolute rotary encoders now come with synchronous serial interface (SSI) communications interfaces.

SSI is a serial communications system that connects sensors directly to digital PLC’s or microcontrollers through point-to-point wiring systems based on RS-422 communications standards.

This series of encoders feature tunneling magnetic resistance (TMR) sensors for single-turn angular position measurement. They have ASIC, designed in-house to support battery-free rotation counting in multiturn variants.

Other options include variants with interface connections that are angled at 45° to the shaft axis.


POSITAL encoders with SSI interface are programmable: resolution, direction of rotation, code and preset can all be configured through software updates.


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