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SpeedTaps now available in North America

July 29, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

Photo: speedtap.jpg

Photo: KBC Tools and Machinery.

Made in Canada, KBC Tools and Machinery’s SpeedTaps are M2 steel and are meant to be driven by an impact gun along with an impact socket, for through-hole applications allowing the user to quickly move the tap through the material as the impact gun does its work.

SpeedTaps cut out the unnecessary steps in the production process, while reducing the number of tools needed to do the job. The taps are designed with an aggressive starting pitch to catch and start cutting faster than traditional taps. This eliminates the use of hand tools like tap wrenches.

“This is such a brilliant idea that it appeals to everyone involved,” said David Zagar, VP, KBC Tools and Machinery. “When the folks in the field figure how simple this is to use, they will wonder how they lived without it, and when those who are in charge of keeping costs down see this in action, well, it becomes an easy decision to make.  SpeedTaps will become a standard way of tapping holes in every ‘through-hole’ operation, it’s just a matter of time.”



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