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Firm offers wide selection of motors/drivesBaldor has a broad array of energy-saving industrial electric motors and drives, including its line of AC induction linear motors and DC linear motors and li...

Reader Service Card No. 309

Firm offers wide selection of motors/drives

Baldor has a broad array of energy-saving industrial electric motors and drives, including its line of AC induction linear motors and DC linear motors and linear motor controls, LinDrive, Lin+Drive and MintDrive. The MintDrive is part of the Mint line of advanced motion control programming language and products, offering positioning capabilities up to 48 axes of co-ordinated motion. In addition, the company offers linear stepping motors with LinStep+ controls. Also available is a CD-ROM electronic catalogue and Matched Performance sizing and selection software.


Reader Service Card No. 325

Welder requires little set-up time

The Ready Welder from BOC Gases comes virtually ready to use. The only preparation required is to load the MIG gun with the spool of wire, which is included and which contains 0.035-in. diameter aluminum welding wire. Hook the welder up to a battery, or series of batteries, with a minimum output of 18 V, or to a DC power supply, have wire cutters and a flat-head screwdriver to hand, and you’re all set. The unit has a 100% duty cycle when pure argon shielding is being used. The speed of the wire can be controlled directly from the gun at wire speeds from 49 ipm for lighter work, up to 900 ipm for heavier metal.

BOC Gases

Reader Service Card No. 326

Catalogue showcases welding product line

The 2001 full-line catalogue from Miller Electric includes detailed application descriptions, technical specifications, and features and benefits of its welding and plasma cutting products. The full-colour, 84-page catalogue profiles many new products, including TIG/stick inverters, an all-in-one MIG unit with pulsing capabilities, a lightweight, suitcase-style wire feeder, high deposition sub arc systems and high-performance, powerful engine drives. Also included is a section for helping readers select the most suitable product for a desired application. Photographs and suggested accessories accompany each product description.

Miller Electric

Reader Service Card No. 327

Low-cost power-quality recorder packs in advanced functions

The PQRX recorder allows continuous monitoring of power quality and the collection of trend information. Offering advanced features, flexibility, ease of use and cost savings, the unit helps the user take a survey of sufficient length to provide the information needed to decide how best to buy power: spot, flat rate, time of use, seasonal. It comes with a battery so measurement continues even if the power fails. The optional pole-mount package is weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor use. Facilities managers performing scheduled check-ups on power quality concerns will find this durable monitor helpful.

Anderson Controls

Reader Service Card No. 328

Tool supplier carries extensive selection of magnets

Reid Tool Supply keeps an extensive inventory of magnets for a wide range of uses, including for material handling, work holding or retrieving. Magnets include permanent magnets, alnico, two- and three-pole ceramic assembly magnets, bar magnets, pot magnets, U magnets and motor magnets. The company also carries magnetic retrievers, tank cleaners and flexible magnetic strips, magnetic work-holding clamps and magnetic wands; electro magnets, magnetic mounting cups and material-handling magnets.

Reid Tool Supply

Reader Service Card No. 329

Release agent withstands high temperatures

A paintable silicone release agent delivers good thermal properties for die casting aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other metals. Because of its compatibility with most organic coatings and adhesive systems, Dow Corning’s 204 fluid can be used as an external release agent or internal lubricant for rubber and plastic formulations. In addition, it is effective as a parting agent in moulding, extrusion and calendering operations. Providing a heat-stable film that can resist carbonization at high temperatures, the fluid can be used in the production of gaskets, seals, appliance components, etc. It has been developed to be effective at very low concentrations, the recommended starting dilution being 100 parts solvent to one part fluid. The diluted solution can be applied by wiping, brushing or spraying. The fluid is supplied in 400-lb (181.4-kg) containers and in bulk quantities.

Dow Corning

Reader Service Card No. 330

Smaller overhead cranes benefit from radio control

Previously, the use of radio-remote controls for overhead equipment has been restricted mainly to large cranes operating in heavy industry, such as steel mills and pulp and paper plants. Through developments in electronic circuitry and physical construction, the TeleMotion 3.2 radio-remote control system from Berlet Electronics can be used with lightweight overhead cranes and hoists at plants, warehouses and mills of all sizes. The hand-held transmitter is contained in a durable ABS plastic enclosure of NEMA 4 rating and weighs 0.9 kg (2 lb). The operator, now freed from pendant control, can control up to three motions and two speeds, as well as one auxiliary function.

Berlet Electronics

Reader Service Card No. 301

Extra-large model broadens slide family

Accuride has introduced the Model 9301 60-in. full-extension drawer slide, designed for flat- or side-mounting in a variety of heavy-duty storage applications. The addition of this large model increases the range of the company’s slide family, its smallest slide being the 8-in. Model 2601. Load rating per pair varies from 150 lb to 500 lb, depending on slide use. Available in a range of lengths up to 60 in., the slide requires 0.75 in. of side space and features extra silencing during drawer closure. Applications include electronic enclosures, toolboxes and truck bodies.

Electromate Industrial Sales

Reader Service Card No. 331

Cordless saw-hammer-drill kits ready for any jobsite

Milwaukee Electric Tool has announced the availability of two 18-V Power-Plus contractor cordless combination kits. The first kit, Model 6310-28, features the Model 6310-20 6-1/2-in. circular saw and the Model 0524-20 1/2-in. T-handle hammer-drill, packaged in a durable, water-resistant contractor bag, Model 48-55-3510. The bag contains a circular saw blade pouch that fits up to 7-1/4-in. blades, storage areas for the drill, charger and an extra battery and pockets for other job-site accessories. The second kit, Model 6310-29, includes the same circular saw and hammer-drill as the first kit, a Model 6515-20 Sawzall with the Quik-Lok all-metal keyless blade clamp system and professional worklight. This kit comes standard with the Model 45-55-3520 soft-sided contractor bag that, in addition to the storage pockets and pouches of the Model 6310-28, also includes a Sawzall blade pouch.

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Reader Service Card No. 302

Versatile oscilloscope suits general purpose use

KB Electronics has introduced the Model P 6502 20-MHz dual trace oscilloscope for general purpose test bench applications. This versatile analogue scope features 2-kV accelerating voltage for high brightness, vertical sensitivity from 1 mV to 5 V/div. and horizontal sweep times from 20 nsec. to 0.2 sec./div. The unit operates in Ch 1, Ch 2, Add and Dual display modes. Rise time is less than 17.5 nsec. with a 6-in. CRT. The alternate trigger feature allows for stable display of unrelated signals and an internal sync separator circuit assures stable triggering of video signals.

KB Electronics (Oakville)

Reader Service Card No. 306

Low-horsepower drive suits global applications

The lowest horsepower member of the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex family of drives, the Powerflex 70 AC drive provides versatile, application-configurable features, such as volts-per-hertz or sensorless vector control, in a compact, panel-mount package 0.37 kW (0.5 hp) to 15 kW (20 hp). The drive meets world power ratings, packaging requirements and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards for out-of-the-box performance. Uses include material-handling applications such
as packaging and bottling lines, flow control in pump, fan and blower systems in paint booths, clean rooms and oil pipelines, and constant-torque applications, including mixers, extruders and centrifuges. Both operator interface text and product documentation are available in multiple languages.


Reader Service Card No. 303

Plastics machinery control provides remote multi-media troubleshooting tips

Milacron’s Xtreem PC-based plastics machinery control links the manufacturing floor with the enterprise IS system, while controlling complex processes such as injection moulding, blow moulding or plastic extrusion.

The company recently introduced a slate of practical enhancements to this control, including user-created multi-media troubleshooting tips in the form of the Internet-based OneTouch system, which integrates with the electronic customer relations management (eCRM) system used by its ServTek business to speed service and repair parts. In addition, One-Touch video-conferencing with Milacron’s process support centre brings the real face of a process expert to the machine’s control screen.

Other new Xtreem control capabilities include: VoicePad, which allows the operator to record an “audio memo,” which can be attached to a mould file, for example, even in multiple languages; VideoPad, in which streaming video or still photos can be attached to another file in much the same way as the VoicePad memos–for example, part defects/features or mould set-up can be explained and demonstrated in video; Voice-Counselor, which allows recording of audio advisories, tips and troubleshooting directions–these can be attached to the control’s messages, faults and alarms to aid the operator through machine or process troubleshooting; and Video-Counselor, which allows streaming video to be captured and attached to faults, alarms, etc., in the same way as VoiceCounselor advisories.

Also new is the remote diagnostics feature, which via the Internet or an Ethernet network allows a process expert to look at all the operating parameters of the machinery as if standing at the control, and change the set-up if the operator consents. Additionally, real-time oscilloscope functions provide remote measurement plots of machine performance, without the expensive purchase of separate diagnostic equipment.

The Xtreem control is the culmination of a 10-year strategy to make reliable PC-based control an industrial reality, according to Bill Gruber, vice-president, Ferromatik Milacron North America. “The computer infrastructure needed to implement these new capabilities is inherent to the Xtreem control’s industrial PC platform and the Internet, both of which are universally supported and used by customers in the office. The customer now can bring low-cost office PC solutions and networking to the shop floor, using the same technology and human resources already needed for the office computer network,” explains Gruber. “More importantly, shop floor production systems can now be easily networked into the customer’s business information systems to facilitate e-commerce, order entry and reporting. Our control can now be a portal to the Internet and the business data network, while providing dozens of new process features as well.”

Two versions are available, the ST and NT. Internet Explorer is built in, allowing the moulding machine to tap the resources of the Internet and e-mail. The company’s own MVT (Machine Validation Tool) diagnostics package, used to set up and test machines at the factory, is resident on the NT model.

The cost advantage of using a PC platform for a controller is tremendous, the company says–even in the basic ST model. The system carries, as standard, software that had previously sold for nearly US$20,000 as options on the previous-generation control.


Reader Service Card No. 317

Industrial pads contain railcar spills

Ultra-TrackPans are economical pads for containing spills at industrial rail sidings. The rugged, all-polyethylene construction has good chemical resistance and will capture up to 160 gals. of spilled fluid. The modular design allows below-grade piping to be installed to channel large spills to holding ponds, tanks, etc. Covers are available to keep rainwater out, helping facilities comply with new storm water management regulations. The pads are available in any desired length.

Fred Cressman Sales

Reader Service Card No. 307

Servo-worm reducer comes in five sizes

Atlanta servo-worm reducers from Andantex offer precise positioning and repeatability. The units are available in five sizes with ratios from 4.75:1 to 52:1, and input speeds up to 5,000 rpm. The servo motor connection is simple, with a zero-backlash compression coupling, which adapts the shaft to the splined input shaft. Various motor couplings and mounting flanges are available for assembly with virtually all servo motors. Applications are found in the material handling, automation, CNC machine tool and robotics industries.


Reader Service Card No. 308

Larger frame size is added to motor line

Machine builders and system integrators with applications requiring high acceleration and very low inertia from a small servo may consider Emerson’s NT servo motors, available in 2-in. and now 3-in. frame sizes, providing up to 45 lb-in. continuous torque and 118 lb-in. peak torque. Both English and metric mounting flanges are offered, along with MS connectors, flying leads, or flying leads with MS connectors. The new 3-in. frame size comprises four NT motor models. The NT motor is for use with Emerson’s Epsilon and E-Series digital servo drives.

Emerson Motion Control

Reader Service Card No. 305

Calibration and asset management software services are enhanced

Fluke Electronics Canada has announced four enhancements and additions to its calibration and asset management software and services. These are: Met/Cal-Proc, sets of warranted procedures that produce valid calibrations on the unit under test; value-added services, a family of new services to reduce the complexity of integrating and maintaining data management; Met/Remote-6, a new software application that allows users to perform remote “on-site” calibrations and return data to a master data base; and Met/Temp, batch temperature probe calibration software that permits “hands-off” automated calibration of temperature probes with the new Fluke 500 series dry-block temperature calibrators and the Fluke Hydra series data loggers.

Fluke Electronics Canada

Reader Service Card No. 313

Differential pressure switch has new design

W.E. Anderson’s Series H3 explosion-proof, heavy-duty differential pressure switches features a new design which provides sensitivity to differential pressures as low as 10 in. of water, yet handles total pressure of 1,500 psi. The unit yields deadbands approximately 5% of range, with zero setpoint shift due to variation in working pressures. Friction is minimized and repeatability increased by allowing the range spring to act directly on the diaphragm plate.

Alpha Controls and Instrumentation

Reader Service Card No. 312

Torque wrench pump is new

A line of electric torque wrench pumps designed for high working speeds, accurate bolting jobs and precise repeatability has been introduced by Enerpac. The PTE series features a reservoir capacity of 3.8 l and a motor size of 1.5 hp. Features include a two-stage pump with automatic integrated bypass, a submerged motor for low noise and reduced heat build-up, a remote pendant with safety button for one-man operation and a glycerin-filled pressure gauge with scale reading in bar/psi. This torque wrench pump is designed to support Enerpac SQD and HXD torque wrenches, as well as other brands.


Reader Service Card No. 309

Electrostatic oil-cleaning system reduces maintenance problems

The Kleentek electrostatic oil-cleaning system removes insoluble contaminants, including tars and varnishes, from hydraulic oil systems in metal-producing facilities. As each machine runs and oxidation occurs, tar, varnish or sludg
e begins to form. These sticky substances adhere to component surfaces and cause loss of control stability, constant valve adjustment, increased downtime and reduced machine performance. The system eliminates the need for repeated oil changes by drawing contaminants out of the oil, trapping them on the surface of the collector. Each system has a compact, modular design, allowing it to be field mounted as a dedicated unit. The units also can be used on a rotational basis.


Reader Service Card No. 310

Thermocouple data logger series features narrow input signal range

The Canadian company Veriteq has released a new version of its Spectrum 1700 series thermocouple data loggers that offers increased temperature measurement accuracy and resolution. The SP-1700-N narrow-range data loggers feature a 4-microvolt input resolution that can monitor temperature environments from minus 220C to plus 240C with a measurement precision of 0.2C. An input signal range of minus 7.2 millivolts to 8.8 millivolts is compatible with most popular thermocouple types. Three models are available.


Reader Service Card No. 311

Absorbent boom soaks up oil spilled in lakes, streams

The Dark Oil-Only Pig absorbent boom from New Pig offers effective clean-up of petroleum-based liquid spills on lakes, ponds and streams, as well as on land. Its pulp filler is surrounded by a black polypropylene skin encased in a tubular mesh netting for added strength and durability. The black colour helps to hide grime and makes the clean-up operation less noticeable. These booms, which can be linked together, also can be used on land. The pulp filler conforms to the shape of rocks close to the surface of the stream and lies flat on the ground to serve as a land boom. Six sizes are available.

New Pig

Reader Service Card No. 314

Conveyor belt trainer corrects wander

A high-performance conveyor belt trainer for medium-duty applications, the PT Smart is an addition to the Flexco Persuader belt positioner and trainer family. Its design combines both pivoting and tilting movements, which together correct stubborn tracking problems anywhere along the return side of belts that are generally up to16 mm (5/8 in.) thick, typically just ahead of the tail pulley to prevent off-centre loading, immediately after passing the head pulley, or before/after a take-up. Offered in one standard size with telescoping cross-members, the trainer is adjustable across a range of belt widths from 750 mm to 1,350 mm (30 in. to 54 in.) and also allows vertical adjustment to fit varying conveyor structures.


Reader Service Card No. 315

All-new speed reducer line has wide range of features

Rockwell Automation has introduced a completely new line of shaft-mounted speed reducers, available in 12 case sizes through 600 hp and 450,000 in.-lb of torque. The Torque-Arm II offers a number of features new to the company’s shaft-mounted line, including a new backstop concept, sealing system, steel motor mount system, twin tapered bushing system and a modular shaft mount and screw conveyor drive design with expanded ratio range up to 40:1. The premium sealing system uses a standard double-lip, spring-loaded, rubber-coated oil seal protected by a metal excluder seal. The steel mount motor adjusts to multiple centre distances and mounts in shaft-mount and screw conveyor positions. Featuring nearly 300:1 speed reduction with V-belt drives, a new helical gearing design and pry slots in the rugged cast iron housing for easy rebuilding, the speed reducer line meets or exceeds AGMA standards.

Rockwell Automation

Reader Service Card No. 316

Vehicle servicing lifts come in two models

Two new Snap-on twin-post lifts, designed for adaptability and versatility where lift space is at a premium, are available in both symmetrical (Model EELR337A) and asymmetrical (Model EELR336A) configurations. These lifts are well suited for any shop servicing light trucks, SUVs and passenger cars. Both models feature a 9,000-lb lifting capacity, full-contact lifting arms with greasable pivots for durability, posts constructed to provide strength in a small profile and bearings that provide smooth operation. These ALI-certified units are designed with ease of use and operator safety in mind.


Reader Service Card No. 319

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