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Photo: Brass Knuckle.

Brass Knuckle’s SmartFlex Full Coat Liquid Resistant Gloves (BK350) are light and provide all over protection from liquid exposure, sealing out liquids and keeping hands dry, to make them less prone to skin diseases.

Work-related skin diseases account for approximately 50 per cent of occupational illnesses and 25 per cent of all lost workdays. Protecting the skin from prolonged exposure to liquids (even clean water) is critical to fighting skin disease.

SmartFlex BK350 are long-wearing with nothing to rub or chafe. The natural latex coating covers the full front and back of the hand to seal out moisture.

Protection from liquids may not be enough if a glove’s lack of grip prevents the wearer from using the necessary tools for the job. SmartFlex 350 has an additional double dip of latex foam on the palm that provides grip, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance. Although not recommended for oily applications, this glove is ideal for dry or wet environments.



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